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Vegan & Gfcfsf In Richmond Va

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It looks like I'll be traveling there this Thankgiving weekend. I can find a list of gluten-free-friendly (supposedly) restaurants and a list of vegetarian restaurants. There is no overlap.

I can go to the former, which would satisfy relatives. But then, at least judging from the menus I can see online, I am stuck with side dishes and trying to make them adjust the recipes to be without butter, cheese, hollandaise, etc. (And end up with unflavored veggies, no doubt).

I can go to the latter, which would probably irk the relatives forced to come along. I can get vegan that way, but who knows about avoiding gluten and soy?


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How about bringing your own food if there aren't any good options?

You may want to contact the GIG Richmond branch. They have a pretty active and great group. Their leader may be able to provide suggestions....but gluten free is hard enough, finding something that is gluten-free/sf/cf AND vegan is a bit harder unless you go to a high end restaurant, talk to the chef, etc.

Good luck!


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Gluten Free in Richmond:

Acacia -

Carrabba's Italian

Casa Grande - Gluten Friendly

Extra Billy's - Gluten Friendly

Inochine -


Outback - everywhere

P. F. Change's

Ruth's Chris - gluten free menu

Thai Diner Too - gluten free menu

....can't help with the other dietary restrictions.


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Thanks for the suggestions. I think I'll be able to manage. I've found four possible restaurants close to where I'll be, which should cover lunch and dinner for the two days I'll be there. I'll just bring things for my own breakfasts.

I was assuming that restaurants or take out is what we are going to do. I have to figure out how to politely tell my nephew, "Hey, thanks for having us visit. If you are planning on cooking for me, let me tell you what I can't or don't want to eat (long list ensues). If you don't like that, here is my list of acceptable restaurants (list). And I can't drink wine or beer these days either, so I would need ..." You get the idea.

If he had directly invited me, I could have broached the subject then. But it was a matter of my sister basically telling him that it was his turn to host the family (and my sister telling me that I needed to be seeing our mom so I had to come). Ah, family :D


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The best restaurant I ate at was one we just happened across. You know how they have those little cards for restaurants in hotel lobbies? I saw an Ethiopian one and figured that, like every other Eth. restaurant I call, it will have wheat in the injera. But this one didn't!

It has been the first time I've been able to eat at an Eth. restaurant for close to a year. The food was wonderful. I think I attacked it like a ravenous pirana :rolleyes:

Now I just need excuses to go to Richmond ...

We also went to the Curry House (lunch buffet -- I didn't react to anything; I stuck with the veggie offerings so I can't speak to the other dishes) and Maggiano's (food was disappointing and I felt like I had been CCed somehow ... I don't know why I keep trying them). My niece cooked one meal and didn't gluten (casein, egg, soy) me. But she gets it. One of her kids has a peanut allergy and the other is allergic to dairy and egg. So she was sharing recipes and checking ingredients out with me in advance.

The breakfast buffet at my hotel had gluten, gluten, & more gluten. I hated to even walk in there to get my banana & a cup of tea. I'm glad I took food with me.


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    • Thanks for posting this Adrien, it's a great list and I and others will appreciate the effort and the thought behind it. I loved my time in Malaysia and I'm glad I sampled all the food I could whilst I was still on an unrestricted diet. The good thing is that, like you say, some of the nice Malay foods are still ok. As a backpacker I survived on a lot of nasi goreng and laksa, nice to think if I return there I could still do the same Terima kasih!
    • I have posted on here before. DQ2, brother with celiac, DGP iGA was the only mildly elevated test. Was gluten-free so did 6 week challenge last winter. Negative biopsy. I am gluten-free now but do go out to eat. Prior to the challenge my health was good. Since then I have: Chest pain, pain between shoulder blades, periods of shortness of breath, heart palpitations, one instance of a heart arrythmia episode, neck is tender to touch on one side (they kept saying sinuses or TMJ which my dentist vetoed) ear ache, bowels never sink. Numbness and tingling. Blood pressure variations. Could be doing chores and feel dizzy and it might be 84/52.  not super low, but not typical for me if I'm running around the house.While other days I am mildly hypertensive. Recently lost 5 lbs in 8 days without trying. Recently electrolytes were low, alkaline phosphatese was low. Ferritin started dropping so started liquid iron 2-3 times per day 4 months ago. Primary watching that, I am not anemic but we are nowhere near iron overload either.  GI doc was a dick. Did not even know DGP replaced older tests and he was very condescending When I begged him for help recently and told me to get a second opinion which is exactly what I plan on doing.  I now have pain in my upper GI area. It is tender to touch. I had my gallbladder out in 97 along with a stone and infection in my bile duct. It hurts in this area. Pancreatic enzymes look fine, liver enzymes fine. Pancreatic ultrasound fine. I will now be doing a EUS Soon to look at bile duct, pancreas and liver.   so a typical day for me is that I might feel fine for a while and then suddenly feel like I'm going to pass out. really dizzy, numbness in odd places, like my body has been hijacked. I will typically eat a bunch of food something high protein and in about an hour or so I start to feel better. However, then my upper stomach starts to hurt in place of the passing out feeling. blood sugars are also normal. After getting the " it must be panic attacks" and condescending looks a million times my primary finally ordered an ultrasound of my sore neck and there is an abnormality in my thyroid which she says looks like possibly Hashti's. Except for one time, all my serum TSH tests were normal. We have more blood work on Monday. As I have not put on any weight and there are other symptoms that are closer to Graves.  Has anyone else had any thyroid issues that followed doing a gluten challenge?  where is your stomach pain? Do you have it above or below your belly button? Mine feels like it's in the pancreas area, like 2-3 inches above the belly button and when I push on it it's tender, but not all the time. sometimes i feel it in my back. 
    • Thanks for sharing with me.  I really appreciate it.  Honestly, after a glutening last summer (still do not know what glutened me), I did not eat out for a year!  The risk was too great as my healing time took 3 months (for symptoms to subside) and six months to regain lost weight.  Our recent vacation to Europe was worth the risk  as we traveled with our entire extended family, but we were extra cautious and ate only at celiac-approved places.  Otherwise, we "dined" at markets or ate the food we brought from home.  Thankfully, we did not get glutened (at least we don't think so!)  
    • I do not struggle with this and I was brought up the same way as you. I don't struggle because for many years off & on we didn't have a bathtub, only showers as well as this being therapy or medicinal for the skin - heck even for the muscles as I age. I figure I've earned my right to luxuriate or medicate with baths any time I've a mind to. My husband saw just how bad my dh got & NEVER begrudges me a nice long soak in the big soaking tub we now have.
    • Hi, No, I do not have celiac  disease. I have an ankylosing spondylitis which is an auto-immune disease provoking an inflammation of the joints. Under the advice and supervision of my doctor and the professor at the hospital I follow a gluten free & casein free diet, which is extremely successful in preventing inflammatory events. And I've been doing so, strictly, for more than 6 years. So I'm not Celiac, but I can tell you that I react strongly every time I take gluten even in small amounts. Even soya sauce, which according to this website has an almost zero dose of gluten, is a lot too much for me. Nevertheless I allow myself to eat food which has been processed in a factory which processes gluten. To conclude, I would say that when you are travelling, especially in a country where celiac disease is scarcely known, you should be twice as careful as when you're going out at home. In the end you can never guarantee that the cook has cleaned his pan after using soya sauce and so on... You can only bet
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