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Coconut Macoroons

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I can't eat very many things right now and was still looking for a healthy way to make something sweet.

Since coconut is so good for candida and I love coocnut..this worked out nice.

So I made these. I like to call them macoroons instead of macaroons..not sure

One and a half cups sugar free natural shredded coconut.

Three egg whites.

One tsp real almond flavoring.

One tsp Stevia.

Preheat oven to 350.

Mix egg whites and almond flavoring together until there's a slight sheen.

Mix the coconut and stevia together then gradually add to the moist mixture.

Put in fridge for a half hour.

Spoon onto cookie sheet. I just used a regular cookie sheet. Surprisingly didn't even coat it and they didn't stick. Suppose it depends on what sort of cookie sheet you have.

Bake for about 10 minutes until slightly broown.

Don't overcook or they will be dry since these don't have any sweetened condensed milk in them.

I was looking for another way to eat coconut for candida and make something a little sweet too.

For something so simple, these are really good if you like coconut, have no sugar and very little fat or anything really.

You can use vanilla flavoring too, but I find the almond gives it more a deep richer flavor with a kick.

Since this is so basic as far as ingredients go..the key too I think is to use a real flavoring since that's going to be the main taste in these.

I felt guily eating them they were so good..yet no sugar and I am fighting the candida with the coconut.


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They sound great, I think I will try them.


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I only cook up what I will at that time so today I added some cinnamon and clove to the mix. Yummy. I love clove.

These aren't as 'gooy' as some of the richer one's are..but I sort of like that. I was able to digest them so much better not having the sweetened condensed milk in them.

I'm so glad I love coconut, can tolerate it and it's good for me because they really took away my craving for something sweet.

They are really basic but there's so many different spices one could add or a few sesame seeds if one can do nuts.

Be sure not to overcook as these are a bit drier than the regular ooy gooy one's.


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