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Nacho Cheese

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I am assuming I screwed up today. I was at a craft show and of course it's hard to find something not breaded at the concessions. I chose cheese fries for my meal. #1 I'm pretty new at this and I forgot about the fryers being used for other things besides fries and #2 now I am not so sure the nacho cheese was safe. I have been really tired and very irritable since eating them. I am assuming I have been glutened, but was wondering if any one has the same side effects all the time when accidentally glutened or does it vary depending on how much and was it directly or indirectly (cross contam.)? Has anyone had problems with nacho cheese sauce? What is a good thing to choose when at places with concessions or do I just starve!! :unsure:


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A quick search on google confirmed what I already knew. Cheese sauce, including nacho cheese sauce, typically contains flour as a thickening agent and/or filler. I've also discovered that "queso", whether in a bowl as an appetizer, or on a dish such as enchiladas with queso sauce, contains flour. The cheese in cheese enchiladas may not. But the chile con carne sauce usually does. I've only found one mexican restaurant so far that doesn't, and it's not a chain.

Also, the sour cream chicken enchiladas have flour in the sauce at every mexican restaurant I've checked. Bummer.

Check the recipe websites such as epicurious, cooks, recipezar, allrecipes, etc. The nacho cheese sauce recipes contain flour.

best regards, lm


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Hello jlbroyles,

I can't speak for everyone else, but when I get glutened it seems to be the amount for me. I'm still trying to figure it but there are times I will have mild gas for a couple of hours to upset stomach for three days. I have very little side effects and have been able to eat anything (except gluten - like dairy) while my intestine is healing.

As for eating away from home. I still make sure I carry something with me. I prefer not to guess with others handling my food (I'm a control freak that way). I usually leave a snack bar, chips, or even m & m's for a snack in my purse.



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Nacho cheese in general is not safe, though there are a few brands that are. The frito Lay one is, as is at least one of their Quesos (check the labels). I hardly ever eat fries out side my house anymore. Finding a dedicated fryer is difficult, and many of the prepackaged fry brands for restaurants are coated in stuff that has gluten in it. Better safe than sorry on that one.


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    • I am so confused right now.... 6 years ago I went on gluten free diet... after being on it for the first yr I was 100%better up until 5 months ago in got the "flu" the doctors told me to cut out dairy sonic did and my diarrhea  became better but not completely gone would not have it every day tho. I went to the gi doctor and they said to cut out fructose and dairy and keep gluten out... yesterday I went to the dietitian to see what I can eat and she gave me the list for fructose... she said it should have been on a antibiotic for sibo.... eventually I will be able to add dairy back and maybe gluten.... I said how can I add gluten back when this was my first problem... she goes well through fructose goes hand in hand with it... I said with gluten I vomit and am sick for weeks.... fructose isn't that bad I vomit sometimes but I'm not sick for weeks.... I'm just confused on really what is going on and was wondering if you or someone you know had sibo from gluten and or fructose and how Is this all related?
    • I see no one has responded to your query.  Unfortunately I have yet to try making a pie crust.  It was something I never mastered before going gluten free.  Have you looked on Pinterest?  You might find something there.
    • I honestly feel like both doctors think it's all in my head even though there is proof.  Yeah there was a point when I felt crazy.  That was when I was being shuffled from dr to dr being given individual diagnoses of my problems.  None of those diagnoses ever made me get better.  Seriously I was diagnosed with heart palpitations, neurocardiogenic syncope, I was given a butt load of steroids because a dr felt like I was producing too much adrenaline, freaking had a few tell me I was depressed, and the good ol IBS.  It seemed most wanted to push pills.  It's all just ridiculous!
    • I can't believe your doctors!!! You have a daughter who is dx'd already! Yet the ped doesn't want to test your other kids unless you have a dx????!!! Are you kidding me???!!! That's absurd!!! They have a first degree relative who has been dx'd with celiac already. There is no need to wait to see what you turn out to be!! And then, and then, and then....don't even get me started on your doctor!!! Does he have brain damage? Oh this is insane & ridiculous!  I have never heard of a disease that doctors are so unwilling to consider or test for OR to diagnose as this one! Usually they are hot to trot to make a dx but say the word celiac & they shake in their boots. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • I had a negative biopsy and was still diagnosed with Celiac. My GI ran a bunch of tests looking for the cause of my 15+ years of diarrhea and the only thing that came back positive was the entire Celiac panel. All very high. So he performed an endoscopy with biopsy. The biopsy was negative. So he ordered a genetic test. When that came back as "high risk" he decided a trial gluten free diet was in order. After 8 weeks my symptoms resolved and my antibodies were back to normal. Since then, follow up testing had shown I have osteoporosis. I am a 40 year old male.  So yes, you can definitely still have it and have significant damage with a negative biopsy. 
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