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At What Age?

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Posted 17 March 2004 - 01:20 PM

Hi all!

I`m Stefania from Slovakia, I`m spending some time now in US. I`m very happy what I`m discovering now here included this excellent forums and all the products that exist in US!!!

I am on gluten-free diet since I was born! So pretty long time, now I`m 24! For me, it is the style of living and sometimes I`m happy that I am Celiac. YOu eat better and live better!

Take care,
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Posted 18 March 2004 - 06:58 AM

Hi Everyone!

Yes, I can relate to the extreme exhaustion felt--and I was watching television last night with my mom, and saw a commercial for Altovis, which is supposed to treat extreme fatigue. It said that it didn't have any side effects, but the hope is that it doesn't contain any wheat proteins/stabilizers/starches/fillers. Have any of you heard of that? I'm going to a naturopathic doctor tonight, so he should be able to help me out in terms of vitamin supplements--I would suggest to a lot of people on this board to go down that route. Primary care physicians, with all their good intentions, just do not know what to do in cases of celiac disease, and I was even told yesterday by my primary care doctor that my symptoms, while they resemble celiac disease, are a mystery to him, because he doesn't know what to do from this point forward.
I have heard also that celiac disease is genetic, and I trust that, but I was diagnosed last summer at 22, and to my knowledge, no one in my family even has it. Looking back though, I was a wheat/oats/barley kind of pig--I used to eat 4-5 slices of bread, after I came home from high school, and made a huge portion of oatmeal, and in college, I craved the grains in beer, and couldn't stop at just 1 or 2 cans.. I overdid it a lot and had a case of alcohol poisoning when I was 18, and nearly died, and then, I ate pizza, and pasta and cakes/cookies as if it was going out of style. I also had mono when I was 20, and I never fully rested from that, because of course, I wanted to get all A's in my classes, and the mono wasn't going to slow me down..hehe. Do you think that maybe all of that craving for gluten predisposed my body to developing celiac disease? Maybe it just started to reject digesting it anymore? By the way, I am not Irish, but am a quarter Northern Italian, and I have heard that people of that descent are at risk as well.
Speaking of prednisone, when I was having mono, the doctor put me on that, but it made me itch everywhere, and I developed a rash on my chest and neck--any similar reactions if you were put on that? It might contain a wheat protein that wasn't aware of, but at the time, I wasn't exactly looking for that, because celiac disease wasn't even heard of to me then.
Anyway, those are just my experiences and thoughts--take care everyone, and I wish you all the best of luck! :)

--Julie in Ma.
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