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Just Need To Vent

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Posted 28 June 2005 - 08:54 AM

I hate it when people think a gluten-free diet is a lifestyle choice I made for my daughter. Like I would force this on anyone!! If someone wants to make the choice to eat gluten-free that is fine-alot of work for them, but fine. They do not seem to realize that they can afford to ingest gluten, if they so choose, without getting sick while a celiac cannot. I cannot tell you how many people have said "Did you ever give her a little, just to see what will happen?" I usually respond with something sarcastic as I find that gets right to the point. "Did you ever give rat poison to your child, just to see what happens?" does the trick. I know it is rude, but so are the comments I hear about whether or not celiac disease is real. It is especially frustrating from people who know she was diagnosed with a biopsy. How much more proof is neccessary? I did not put her on a gluten-free diet just to see if she would like it for goodness sake!
Anyway, we probably all have our stories about things like June mentioned. I just had to get that off my chest. I have little tolerance for stupidity, like the kind June spoke of.
As for the vaccine issue, some people do have problems, but it cannot be denied the risks to the entire population outweigh those. I do know it is terrible that some people suffer, I am not cold and unfeeling. I am looking at the big picture, as I think Ed is. Eradicating diseases that have killed/injured millions is the bigger picture that has to be looked at. Personally I would not want my children in school with someone who did not get a vaccination. I think it is wrong to expose others to something like that. In this state though, all children have to have proof of vaccinations before entering school though, so I do not have to worry unless I move. I think in a few years it will not even be an issue. Things like this have happened and been addressed throughout history. There are many issues we can look back on and wonder "What were they thinking?" It is obviously hard to be the exception, I understand that, so please no hate mail! I jsut believe the greater good has to be considered.
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Posted 28 June 2005 - 12:52 PM

I'm with Katie on the vaccine question. It probably did my brother and I a lot of good, I suppose. But I have a friend whose mother did not let him be vaccinated, and he's a-okay and actually, a total hunk! Gorgeous! Fit! Healthy!

I also know a perfectly healthy fellow my age who ended up in a wheelchair permanently paralyzed and mentally compromised as a result of a vaccine reaction. I am glad I don't have kids, because it would be a hard decision for me.

All of this, celiac, vaccine reactions, everything -- it just goes to show that aside from basic similarities that make us human, we're biochemically individual and unique -- and wonderfully made, if I might add!


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