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Eating The Same Thing, Over And Over

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Posted 30 June 2005 - 08:17 PM

Has anyone else ever experienced this before? :blink:

You find one food you can have, particularly a food you love. And then you eat it over and over again?????
I get into this food "rut" where I cant get enough of something, I eat it all the time...for example, nuts, rice pudding, chocolate (dangerous), peanut butter, chocolate rice cakes......
Its like its an addiction......and I never get that "full" feeling. I could just go on and on...
Is this related to Celiac, do you think or is it just me, happily enjoying a gluten free food????
My stomach is like a bottomless pit!!!! I never feel "full" or satisfied that Ive had enough.....my nutritionist told me that its psychological.
What do you fellow Celiacs think about this?
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#2 Jnkmnky


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Posted 30 June 2005 - 08:35 PM

Shoot, if nuts don't fill you up it MUST be psychological. Seriously, most of the foods you listed are very low in protien, so you can eat a lot without getting the "I'm full" signal. Try eating hard-boiled eggs and see if your full mechinism is working. I think you'll find it is.
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I believe in God.



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Posted 30 June 2005 - 09:18 PM

I am having the opposite problem (for the first time in my life). I don't have any appetite. I have to eat to take my meds and I am having to force myself to find something to eat. Nothing smells or tastes good. That is way out of the norm for me. I usually have a wide variety type of diet.
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South Georgia
9 yrs gluten-free
...also DH, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, osteopenia, hypothyroid...

After almost 10 years, I am doing soooo much better!



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Posted 30 June 2005 - 09:25 PM

Donna -

That doesn't sound like much fun! Do you know what's going on? Possibly a side effect from your meds? Are you worried? :huh:

I am worried! Be sure to take care of yourself & get enough food in that bod! *hug* :)

- Michelle :wub:
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Michelle :)

Positive blood tests 4/29/05 (tTG & IgA)
*Osteoporosis (at 32!)
*Heartburn/Reflux (*ouch!*)
*Lifelong battle w/depression
*Dental enamel didn't form right when I was little (cavities cavities cavities)
*Neuropsych analysis lists all sorts of learning disabilities - which may be attributed to brain injury from an old accident or may be from celiac, who knows!

Had biopsy May 11th, 2005 - villi are FLAT! :(
gluten-free since May 11th :)



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Posted 30 June 2005 - 10:42 PM

I get on food kicks, a lot.

Try eating a little bit of food more times a day. Like, eat just some then wait until later to eat some more and so on.
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Nic from Aust

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Posted 01 July 2005 - 03:31 AM

My coeliac Daughter has the same thing. She fixates on one food and will eat and eat it until someone stops her. I thought it was just because the food she has to eats wasn't filling her up enough. But perhaps it is related to coeliacs :huh:
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#7 Guest_gfinnebraska_*

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Posted 01 July 2005 - 05:07 AM

I get full, but I do tend to get in a "rut" with my eating. I went through a phase where I CRAVED grapes... ate grapes every single day for lunch!! Couldn't get enough grapes!! Now I don't want to see another grape... ;) Right now it is blueberries. :) I am also bad about hamburger patties. I make nice, big thick ones and grill it. YUMMY!! I just bought a side of beef, so I could eat a hamburger patty every night!! But, I do feel full. Like another post said, try adding more protein into your diet and see if you feel full then. If not, something is going on other than craving the same foods.

Take care!!
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Posted 01 July 2005 - 05:32 AM

I think it's a combination of being Celiac and a Psychological thing. We are limited in the things we can eat so I tend to obsess about or enjoy a particular item (Rice Pudding for example) for several days at a time. It then manifests itself into an emotional state (almost like a protest) against everything we can't have anymore. I know I am doing it but must allow myself a few days to get the emotion out of my system before coming back down to earth.

Personally, when I am feeling well is the most dangerous time for me because I then want to wander and eat different foods (gluten-free foods but things I haven't eaten in a while). Last week it was Ice Cream. I have learned (the hard way) that I need to steer the straight-and-narrow course until my intestine heals up.

Best Of Luck To All!
Cleveland Bob B)
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"Dreams Are What The Future Is Made Of"

Endoscopy & Blood Work Positive.....
gluten-free Since December 2004.....
Soy Intolerant August 2007......



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Posted 01 July 2005 - 06:10 AM

Are your intestine's healed yet from your gluten-free diet? Before I was diagnosed with Celiac, I would eat and eat and eat and NEVER get full (which of course makes sense since my body was not digesting any of the food I was consuming). After being on the gluten-free diet for some time, I started to get "full" after eating. I do get on HUGE food kicks though and that will be all I eat for months on end. For instance right now I am on this soy crisps and casabe rain forest cracker kick. I can't get enough of either. I will be in trouble if one of the foods I get "obsessed" with happens to get minute amounts of gluten in the production process!
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Diagnosed Celiac in Feb 2004
Boston, MA



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Posted 01 July 2005 - 06:39 AM

You find one food you can have, particularly a food you love. And then you eat it over and over again?????

I was like that before I went on the gluten-free diet but once I went on the gluten-free diet, it got worse (I think I have a super high metabolism). I find it really hard to feel "full" and it doesn't seem to matter what I eat. Before I went gluten-free, the only thing that really made me feel full was bread or "big" dinners (Wheat bread can give you a fasle sense of being full, I guess that's what it worked!) Now I have to eat a ton of food to feel full :)
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Carrie Faith

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease in March 2004
Postitive tTg Blood Test, December 2003
Positive Biopsy, March 3, 2004



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Posted 01 July 2005 - 08:59 AM

My stomach is like a bottomless pit!!!!

I know exactly how you feel. I've only been gluten-free for a couple months, so I am probably still looking at some intestinal damage. I was a vegetarian before, so I wasn't used to heavy foods anyway. Now, however, I get hungry again about an hour after I eat. I've just tried to adjust by eating much smaller portions more frequently. I try to keep a wide range of fruits and raw veggies on hand. I suggest just buying a couple of each fruit/veggie you like that way you'll have a big supply, but it will be varied. If you don't have much of one thing in the house, it's easier to try to eat something else once it's gone.

Everyone laughs at me because I am always eating and still so skinny. I ditto what others have said about upping the protein though. That's about the only thing that makes my stomach quit it's whinning for more food.
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Posted 01 July 2005 - 11:32 AM

I know where you're coming from. For me, going gluten-free has made me lose my sense of control when it comes to eating. When someone tells you you can't have something what do you want? You want that thing the most! So I feel like I've begun eating to gain back that control. It's only at dinner time and it's mostly on healthy things like huge quantities of fruit. I eat until I basically can't move and then I'm overcome by guilt. I quickly came to realize that I had a problem. I don't know if it's as serious for you... maybe you just really really like something, in which case I can also relate because I used to eat oatmeal once or twice a day every day for like a month because I loved it!

My solution was to start going to Overeaters Anonymous meetings and to make small changes in my habits. I don't keep much easy to eat food around my apartment. Most foods in my kitchen either need to be dethawed or cooked (I've begun freezing everything to make it hard for me to grab for something). Some other things that might help... sit down at the table with a plate and silverware (mindless eating happens for me in front of the TV), take a walk when you feel yourself reaching for more, keep a food journal.

And if it's not as "serious" as it is for me, then disregard but hopefully my advice will help someone. Good luck!
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Posted 01 July 2005 - 12:32 PM

Thank God - I was beginning to think I'd gone off the deep end. :lol: Tostios, my safe food. I was diagnosed about 2 months ago and I tell people they should have taken out stock in the company. It has replaced my bread; in the morning with coffee, for my snacks during the day, at lunchtime and at night. But now it seems to have gone away (the craving) ... but I am angry about not being able to eat what I want, which is a new emotion this week. I actually drove to the store last night with the intention of buying what I want and eating it, the hell with this stupid disease. Yes, my gut is healed (I don't think I was that bad listening to some of the other stories on this board). The only thing, and I mean ONLY thing, that kept me from doing it was the fact that I know that beer made me itch like crazy before I was diagnosed. Other then that, I can almost convince myself that the doctors have made a mistake and I can eat anything and everything. I was diagnosed with a IgG and IgA blood work .... so no real "proof" to me. There was 2 months ago .... but a distant memory at best.

I don't know how I'm going to do this for the rest of my life. How do you all go out to eat? You can't be sure that the mayo in the tuna plate is safe .... or anything else, for that matter ... do you just eat it and hope for the best?
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Posted 01 July 2005 - 05:26 PM

I do the same thing sometimes. Try to avoid that, though, not only because you eventually hate the food, but because that's a surefire way to develop allergies.
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#15 Guest_Viola_*

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Posted 01 July 2005 - 09:08 PM

Boy, I can sure relate to this. I'm one of the ones that goes in streaks. I eat and eat and eat .. and then I'll go a week or so where I totally loose my appetite. And you're right, it's usually about one or two foods until you get sick of them eventually ... although I don't think I'll ever get sick of chocolate :lol:
But I've been on the diet for over 16 years, so I'm healed as well as I'm ever going to heal. Perhaps it is a phycological thing. :rolleyes:
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