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Hey guys:

Can't remember who was doing research on chapstick, celiac3270 maybe???

I found a web site called, and they list chapstick (cherry, mint and regular) that are gluten-free.

It is a private web, family, with six members with celiac disease. Don't know anything about them. They do have a pocket grocery list of products names that are gluten-free. (also a small fee to purchase them).

Any history on authentisity (boy am I stretching my spelling range!!!)??

(when I was young there was a short avenue of educators that thought "sight" reading was the way to go. It did not last long, but I was in the "not last long kid". Therefore, if I cannot visualize the word I cannot spell--- during the late 50's.

Excuses, but legit. Bet I have a witness out there.

Back to the new found web site, anyone know anything about this?

BTW---The Hurricane is projected to affect us. Will keep you posted if any are interested. Maybe cross our roofs. Not a Katrina, but a pain-in-*** (nothing new to any of us, huh???)

Lisa B.


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OK, I'm gonna die if someone says chapstick has gluten in it! I am addicted to chapstick, it's so dry in the hospital where I work I feel like my lips will fall right off!


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Just called them and they asked which kinds I wanted to know about since they have to look up each one individually (they have over 15 kinds!!). So I just asked about the basic ones - called Classics - that is, the original, mint, cherry, strawberry, etc. They said of the classics are gluten-free. This info used to be on this website (under gluten-free mainstream products), but now, they charge you to look at the list. Nice. Only willing to help out people for free for so long.....


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sorry, that was supposed to say all of their classics are gluten-free.


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    • 62 yr old woman...celiac?
      I have to agree with Gemini, you must not go gluten free until you've had an endoscopy with biopsies (first you get the blood work done, then you get your confirmation by a follow-up endoscopy), it's the reaction to the gluten that creates the antibodies' you won't get that reaction if you don't eat gluten. It might seem inconvenient, but in the long run it will be worth it.
    • Probiotic Help
      Hi Mom...I take Florajen 3.  It has worked really well for me.  It is kept refrigerated.  I have a hard time finding it where I live so I usually have to order it.
    • Awaiting Biopsy Results
      Hi monkeyloaf......with a positive tTg and EMA, that is a slam dunk for Celiac Disease. It doesn't matter that they are weakly positive, a positive is a positive with Celiac!  With a positive EMA, I am sure you will show damage on biopsy BUT if it happens that damage is patchy and they miss those spots, please do what you already stated and go strictly gluten-free.  You have Celiac!  Couple that with Type 1 diabetes and other relatives with Celiac, it is of the utmost importance  that you be gluten-free.  Your intuition is talking to you on this so these words you spoke are very smart!    I am sorry you have both AI diseases but with the right diet, you are going to be feeling so much better so hang in there!
    • Awaiting Biopsy Results
      I'm still awaiting the results of my biopsy. I have Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults, which is basically type 1 diabetes diagnosed as an adult. (I was 32.) I have second degree relatives with celiac, although, my mom and my sister have yet to be tested. My mom's side of the family has a variety of autoimmune issues. My tTg-IgA was weakly positive (7.5), my DGP IgA was weakly positive (26), and my EMA was positive. My GI MD said he could see some inflammation on my duodenum during my EGD. I desperately want an answer to the issues I've been having. My primary complaints have been fatigue and joint pain, so I hadn't really considered celiac, thinking my GI issues were due to exhaustion. I am thinking I may stay gluten-free regardless of the biopsy results. I've been feeling better since cutting out gluten immediately after my EGD. I also feel like my lab work, diabetes, and family history are enough to warrant caution. Any thoughts or advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    • Probiotic Help
      I have Celiac and I am looking for a really good probiotic.  I have taken several different probiotics over the last year.  Can anyone recommend a good brand.  My local health food store said I should be taken ones that are kept in the frig.  Any advice would be helpful
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      Hi There, I don't know if there is a place for videos in the forum. I just watched "The Truth About Gluten" I think it is a good video. I would like to share it somewhere but don't know where it should go. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Here is the link if you have never watched it. Thank You,
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