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Can Antibiotics Prevent Strep?

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My husband had lunch yesterday with a coworker, and they shared chips and salsa. Coworker called this morning to say he has doctor confirmed strep and a 103 fever! Sigh


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First, Amoxicillin is not very effective against Strep--the co-worker should have been prescribed either Penicillin or Septra for strep. As someone who has contracted Rheumatic Fever twice (once from undertreated strep), I know the most effective antibiotics to treat strep. However, that said, I don't think it's wise to take antibiotics to PREVENT a disease because of the destruction to the gut flora.

Your husband should be very careful to wash his hands when at home and avoid contact with household members for the next week. If he feels a sore throat coming on, he should immediately seek medical attention and request Penicillin (the most effective treatment for strep) while testing is completed. He can always stop taking it if it turns out he doesn't have strep.


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The over-use of antibiotics is a major cause in the development of untreatable infections due to mutation of bacteria. Try not to take antibiotics unless necessary (as with strep)and be sure to take the full prescibed course. Antibiotics are not preventative drugs.


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    • Thanks.  This is very helpful.  Our first post diagnosis grocery store trip took several hours, just trying to read labels to make sure everything is safe.   Our son loves bread and this going to be the hardest part. 
    • i would agree with most of your assessment but overall the popular chefs are very aware. Ed Kenny at Town did have  gluten-free options on the menu.  Mavro's will fix something special given advance notice but its expensive.  excellent but very expensive.  Alan Wong is very aware and will have his staff prepare something as well.  We did find many options at both Oahu  whole foods -- mostly  with tofu. the only thing  there is to be aware of cross contamination with things  next to it.  they make a great gluten-free southwestern tofo dish which is great but not if its sitting next to anything with gluten. Its not whole foods but people use the smae  spoons and tongs i found more at   down to earth in peal city than by  University ave  
    • Hi,  I'm in KOna but my kaiser doctor just retired  who was pretty good about it. I dont know of a specialist here  but most of hte kaiser docs wil test you if thats when you need to talk to them about. good luck  
    • Yes.  And wouldn't it have been nice if your doctor had tested you for Celiac disease before you went gluten free? Then you would know if your issues are Celiac or not.  That would help you know how careful you need to be, what other illnesses and problems to look for, whether you might be passing a genetic disease on to your children, if you should look for another cause of your symptoms, etc  
    • I would be very careful in giving this kind of advice, she is in an advanced stage. I was there and one additional symptom that I was getting was a strong urge to commit suicide so eating gluten for three months might not be the way to go for some people. If a gluten free diet stop the problems them gluten is the problem or a least part of it. I eliminated MSG from my diet because I notice that the common denominator for some products that affected my well being was MSG. I eliminated oats because I notice that I would get canker sores every time I ate it. Wheat is what affect my brain the most, irritability gets uncontrollable, my mental capacity greatly diminish, rash in my arms appear, can't sleep,etc. Barley makes my stomach groan, and constipated. Will try testing how Rye affect me some later time. 
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