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Corn Problems And Medicines

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I think I may be corn intolerant as well as (currently suspected) celiac.

Does anyone have any advice?

Most of the meds I have checked seem to have either maize starch or maltitol.



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Ah yes, medicine and corn. :angry:

The only pain reliever I have ever found that does not contain corn (or gluten of course) is BC Asperin Powder. If you can't find it locally, you can get it online.

Unfortunately for me, I am salicylate sensitive and can't take asperin. So I have Tylenol made at a conpounding pharmacy. I have to have ALL of my meds made. The Tylenol costs $36 for 200 capsules. Everything else is really expensive too. And in my state (maybe in all states) you have to have a prescription to have even over-the-counter meds made. I get my prescriptions at the local free clinic so I don't have to pay for a doctor's office visit just because I have a headache!

The GOOD news though is that after 14 months of gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free and low salicylate, my gut finally healed enough that I can now tolerate corn starch, and that is the filler used in most pills and capsules. So when I run out of this last batch of Tylenol I am going to buy some at the store and see if I can tolerate it.

I hope you will be able to do the same eventually.


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Thanks so much.

I will have to have a check with my local pharmacies. This disease aint cheap!!

Good luck with the Tylenol. I am secretly hoping to be able to eat fresh corn again one day, as it seems to be mostly processed corn I struggle with.


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...I am secretly hoping to be able to eat fresh corn again one day, as it seems to be mostly processed corn I struggle with.

You know, if you react to procesed corn but regular corn seems mostly okay, you might want to check out sulfite sensitivity/allergy as a possible alternative. Processed corn (except corn meal/corn masa) is processed using a sulfited bath, so processed corn ends up being sulfited. Sulfite sensitive folks often react to it.

But regular corn doesn't go through this process, so unprocessed corn is typically okay for sulfite sensitive folks. Corn meal is often tricky, as in processed foods, there is often an oil that can make sulfite sensitive folks react. :-/

Here's a nice site that has more information, if you're interested:


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Thanks T.H.

I had been wondering about something like this, nice site.

On with the great celiac journey...


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    • Those could be celiac symptoms or they could be something else.  Just because celiac runs in your family, I would not jump to conclusions.  That could be dangerous!   For example, my niece presented with celiac disease symptoms.  She tested negative but they found that she has Crohn's (not that she can't ever develop celiac disease).  While a gluten free diet could not hurt her, it is not the cause of her Crohn's flare-ups.    I would not worry about his weight unless he is no longer on the growth charts.   There could be more related to his anxiety issues too. i would NOT recommend sharing prescriptions, especially on a 9 year old!  Dapsone is some pretty evil medication that can do some serious liver damage (but if you have DH or  leporisy, it might be worth the risk -- but I would think not for kids).  For DH, sticking to a gluten-free diet  is much preferred, but I will let one of our members who has DH comment on that.   Those with DH often do not test positive in blood work.  Best to get a skin biopsy (tricky on DH so read up). Please find a dermatologist  and/or a Ped GI who is celiac savvy.    
    • Canadian Celiac Association warns against Gluten-Free Cheerios, but is there good evidence? View the full article
    • So, now they have found a metal toxicity in my body along with needing to be gluten free.  For the toxicity, I am now taking supplements after and between meals.  This a good thing because it prompts me to actually eat 3 meals a day and in a timely manner and not just a grab on the go item whenever.  The down side is remembering to take the silly things.  I can honestly say how much a pain it is to remember to take the supplements sometimes.  Been on this regimen for about a week now, and I am starting to feel better and all my systems are getting thoroughly cleaned out.  The real test will be in about 3 weeks or so, as it is about this time I become more vulnerable to the neurological symptoms.  I actually did some research on metal toxicity and found something incredible.  The symptoms I had been having all fall under this problem.  This could also have been yet another contributing factor of why I needed to go gluten free. Just a thought.  One thing I did consistently find is that once the toxicity is taken care of, this would not take away any food allergies or gluten issues.  I had gone through a different detox program back in February-March, and the neurological symptoms I have been dealing with was magnified x10 it seemed.  Another praise in this regimen is that I have been virtually symptom free since taking these supplements.  A few episodes but very minor.   
    • I have not taken him to a dermatologist. I have dapsone, which I put on the rash, it always clears up. I have it for another family member. But then I started reading about celiac and all these dots are out there but not connected.  The next time he has the bumps, I am going to take him in. In the mean time, I am trying to find a dermatologist who understands the condition. I don't want my kid to have celiac. And I kinda feel crazy for thinking he may have a gluten issue but with it in my family and him having these other things, I want to be dilligent.   i will read up on the test you suggested. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond everyone.   
    • I tested positive to deamidated gliadin in August at a hospital. My old GI tested me using gliadin (the test listed on your result) in September and it was negative. Literally the next day, my new GI tested for deamidated gliadin again and it was positive (I was unaware the hospital scheduled an appointment with the new GI for follow up).  If you still suspect it, Google deamidated gliadin, print out the Mayo clinic lab info and circle the part where it says they have discontinued the use of gliadin in favor of the deamidated gliadin.  Has he seen a dermatologist?
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