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Don't Know What It Could Be Then?

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I posted a few days ago about a possible yeast problem...

SInce April of this year, I have been poked and prodded by 4 different doctors, racked up thousands in medical bills and just been sick for what seems, forever. Since 1997, I have been diagnosed with "IBS" and I just lived with it until I started feeling other things like migranes and dizziness, that is where the new drs came in. Initially, I was deficient in vitamin D and Iron, which is why they suspected Celiac. ALl tests came back negative, but with my IGA deficiency, IBS, immune problems, thyroid and all my other symptoms, my Dr was willing enough to say I had Celiac DIsease and to go gluten-free. Prior to the "diagnosis" they put me on vitamin supplements and before even going gluten-free, my levels were all back up.

Well, It has been 2 months, and while my IBS has seemed to settle (FINALLY!), everything else is the same. Nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, heart palpatations, foggy head. Always after I eat, and it can happen randomly. Doesnt always happen WHEN I eat, but when it does, it is after I eat. Could be an apple, could be a gluten-free sandwich, could be some chips, could be scrambled eggs. I just never know.

I thought it was yeast, then I thought it was sugar, caffeine, salt, dairy.

So, 2 days ago, after being exclusively gluten free, I started eating it again to see what happened. The first day, I ate a bagel and a muffin. Nothing happened. Yesterday, I ate crackers and cheese. Nothing happened. this morning, I ate a muffin. Nothing. I am waiting and waiting....but I have been feeling fine.

Because my tests were all negative anyway, and my vitamin levels went back up on supplements before even going gluten-free and because I am not having reactions, I am thinking maybe I do not have celiac disease after all. I can't deal with any more doctors or medical bills, and I am thinking it is time for experimentation. I just don't even know how to begin. There is no denying that going gluten-free seemed to help my digestive system, I just want all of the other problems to stop too :(


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I wonder if you could have an intestinal issue that could be caused by sugar, other grains, or a combination of celiac and something else? However, when you ate foods with gluten and had no reaction, and based on the fact that you were diagnosed based on deficiencies rather than blood or biopsy confirmation, maybe you don't have celiac. That's a pretty good challenge to eat that stuff and the fact that it didn't make you sick-er is really a positive because celiac causes damage. Biggest concern to me would be if you had an internal reaction to gluten but didn't feel it. That would be troubling because you'd never really know when you were glutened.

It's troubling for sure. From the surface of it and with medical tests unable to confirm celiac, it does sound a bit like an allergy to something rather than intolerance or celiac disease. Have you begun to isolate foods and reintroduce them slowly to see what causes a reaction? You'd need a journal to accurately track what you ate and what the ingredients were, but that could possibly give you some insight without further medical bills.


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Thank you, no I havent begun to isolate, but I think that is my next step. My primary was so sure it was Celiac that I guess I jumped on that idea too because it would be so easy to explain. I think I have a big process ahead of me :(


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Please read this article and the study linked in it. This new research (2012) shows 2 possible additional gluten related conditions exist in addition to celiac disease. They are newly identified and don't show up on celiac disease testing. The symptoms can be very similar though.

Non-celiac wheat sensitivity article


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    • Mnoosh,    Can you give us a link to the article you read about the increased risk after being diagnosed and maintaining a strict gluten-free diet??       IMO,   You are over reacting to a misprint or most likely a misread article.
    • Yes!  With dairy, celiacs can often have a temorary lactose intolerance due to damaged intestinal villi (where the enzymes normally are released to digest lactose).  Of course you could be naturally lactose intolerant based on race or age.  It is best to stick to a whole foods diet while you are healing.  Really, is ice cream or potato chips going to provide you with nutritional value?  Stick with naturally gluten free foods like meat, fish, fats,  veggies (even those with carbs like sweet potatoes or winter squash) and fruit.  Avoid that processed junk as you may react to the additives right now.  Later, you can add back in dairy (test) and other foods you miss and crave.   Good luck!  
    • Take a deep breath and calm down!    The incidence of cancer with Celiac Disease is can happen but the vast majority of people never have that experience.  You may have somewhat enlarged lymph nodes due to inflammation from undiagnosed Celiac but that will all calm down and go away once you get going on the diet.  Believe me, there are many of us that have things happen during the diagnosis and early recovery period and everything turned out just fine.  There is an elevated risk for some cancers with Celiac but that risk goes back to that of the general population after a couple of years on the gluten-free diet. I cannot remember the exact time frame but it is somewhere between 2-4 years, I think.  So many of us went years without a diagnosis and when it was all figured out, we have gone on to be healthy with little complications.  not worry about this.  Concentrate on learning all the ins and outs of this disease and how to live gluten free happily.  We are here to help you and guess what? The diet is not as bad as some make it out to be. Many things can be made gluten free and are every bit as good as their gluten counterparts. The diet may not be convenient but it is not hard. I would not lie to you!   
    • common symptom that most celiacs have when they are diagnosed (or undiagnosed) is anxiety.  So, there is a risk of cancers, but science has demonstrated that that risk goes down on a gluten free diet (if you have celiac disease).  In goes down to the same risk as those without celiac disease.   I kind of was a basket case.  I drive my family a bit crazy because I was anxious.  I felt a bit stupid too.  I guess I had a little brain fog going on too.  All that resolved after I healed. Welcome to the fourum.  Read our Newbie 101 thread under "Coping" (pinned at the top of the page) and learn about hidden sources of gluten and cross contamination.  I think most of us do not worry about cancer. We mourn the freedom to eat anything anywhere!   I did not have swollen lymph nodes, but I am sure others have and they did not have cancer.  Hopefully, they will chime in and set your mind at ease.  If not, you can search for "lymph nodes" at the top of the page (little magnifying glass).  There are lots of members with the same issue!  
    • I was recently diagnosed as having celiac and to be honest the part I'm having the most trouble with isn't the change in food or lifestyle. I'm really upset about what I've read about the risk of cancer increasing with celiac disease. I think this is playing into my fears because I currently have lymph nodes all over my body-my Doctor says they are not considered swollen or concerning, but I don't usually feel nodes. The lymph nodes and horrible diarrhea for the last 3 weeks were what got me into the the doctor for lab work. My blood work came great so I'm wondering if anyone else experienced lymph nodes reacting when they found out they were celiac? Also how do you deal with anxiety surrounding the increased risk of cancer? Thanks!
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