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Need Help With Symptoms

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After searching for a year (in particular) for problems that seemed to flare after a life-time of one-at-a-time symptoms, my newest specialist in an endocronologist who has already determined that my Vit D level is basically non-existant, I have weakness in my left leg and foot, I am very likely suffering from some sort of thyroid deficiency, celiac disease (?), a possible pituary problem, and a whole host of other things (I didn't know there WERE other things), that I have not complained about.

I did notice that, for the last two days, everytime I eat bread, I end up in the bathroom. I've always attributed it to an allergy to milk fat (all dairy, including pizza), but lately I had noticed - but not enough - that it seemed to be happening alot, no matter what I ate.

Tonight, I have a symptom that I've had many times before, but no one has been able to help me. From research on this site, I think it might be related to this forum.

1. VERY itchy fingers (one to start)

2. Hands get BRIGHT red and swollen

3. Index finger(s) appear to get painful bumps just at the first crease -- where your laces would lie when you tie your shoe. Those bumps start to itch, then get painful for a few days, then go back down to normal.

4. Sometimes RED, SWOLLEN hands take on a "waxy" appearance -- water won't penetrate. (This hasn't happened in quite a while, but when it does, it happens to my feet, too .....)

Are we actually ON TO something?


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I haven't experienced that symptom myself, but perhaps someone else will chime in.

I wanted to say good luck with the celiac and thyroid testing, and make sure you keep eating gluten until your testing is done.


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Hi there,

I have some wierd finger/hand symptoms too. My palms are red also. My hands go from being cold and wrinkled to warm and swollen like you describe with a waxy type appearance. They hurt and are very sensitive too. I am hoping this is celiac which I have my endoscopy in a week to confirm the diagnosis. I have also been borderline hypothyroid after having thyroiditis two years ago. I am waiting on the celiac diagnosis and then will get my bloodwork done again for hypoT to see if I need to be on medications for that. Good luck!



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    • Oh, Trish at the GlutenFreeWatchDog tested Planter's honey roasted peanuts three years ago.  The can did not state gluten-free, but showed no gluten ingrediants (per Kraft policy).  Test result: less than 5 part per million which is pretty much gluten-free.  
    • What if it were something else that glutened you?  Maybe you ate too much of a good thing?  I once (three months post dx) ate too much gluten-free fried chicken, vomited, passed out and fractured my back (osteoporosis) in the process.  Paramedics, ER doc and Cardio all thought I was having a heart attack.   No.  It was sheer gluttony and bad bones.  Not good to overload with a damaged gut.    Maybe you did get some contaminated nuts.  Afterall, anything processed is suspect.  What might be well tolerated by some, might be too much for others.  We all have our various levels of gluten intolerance.   The old 20 parts per million is just a guideline, but science does not really know (lack of funding......doe anyone really care enough to find out?)  My hubby has been gluten-free for 15 years.  When I was first diagnosed, I tried to eat the gluten-free foods that I normally gave him.   Problem was he was healed and I was not.  Things like Xanthan Gum in commercial processed gluten-free breads make me feel like I have been glutened, but it is just (and still is) an intolerance.  So no bread for me unless I make it myself using a different gum.   Too lazy, so I do without.   so, ask your doctor if you really want to know or lay off the cashews and test them again in a month using a certified gluten-free nut.  I wish this was easier!    
    • I have intolerances to a few foods now, so I was wondering about that.. I love cashews though, and a month or two ago I was eating them all the time with no problems at all. I mean, could I really have developed an intolerance to them since then? I don't know if they're made on shared lines (it didn't say on the package so I assumed they weren't), but I'll give them a call. I'm really, really sensitive to cross contamination. Even if something is just made in the same facility (but not on shared lines) it will make me sick. If that's not it, then I'm not really sure
    • Research with KP and find a celiac-savvy GI in your area ( read the biographies). and ask your PCP/GP for a referral to that specific GI (not his buddy).  Ask the GI for the rest  of the celiac panel or proceed with an endoscopy/biopsies -- 4 to six.  Keep eating gluten daily until all testing is complete.  Document and request in writing.  Do not worry about symptoms.  There are over 300 of them and some celiacs have none!   Research all that you can about celiac disease.  The University of Chicago has a great celiac website that has testing Information etc.   Poet me know how it works out.  Hope you feel better soon!  
    • I react to both wheat and barley.  I've opted to just go completely gluten free, for the sake of simplicity and my sanity.  I don't have a diagnosis of celiac disease, but I strongly suspect it.  Unfortunately, I'm not willing to endure the misery of staying on gluten long enough to pursue further testing.  I just know I need to avoid the gluten grains, so I do.  
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