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  • Connor Burns
    Connor Burns

    Gluten-free Dining in Newport, RI

    Reviewed and edited by a celiac disease expert.

    Caption: The Brick Alley Pub in Newport, RI

    If you have ever traveled to Newport, RI then you know there are plenty of great restaurants to choose from. But if you have celiac disease or a gluten-intolerance then you know that dining out in an unfamiliar city is very difficult. Luckily, Newport has many gluten-free friendly restaurants that can easily be found if you know about them. I have comprised a list of celiac friendly restaurants in this scenic, colonial city. These restaurants have responded to a survey that was sent to over 100 restaurants and bakeries in Newport. All of the places listed have also stated that they are familiar with the necessary precautions that come with preparing gluten-free food such as avoiding cross-contamination. I have attempted to verify the accuracy of the statements provided by the restaurants to the best of my ability. If you are a tourist or local, I hope this list can help in keeping your gluten-free lifestyle.

    Places that offer gluten-free menus:

    Brick Alley Pub
    140 Thames Street Newport, RI
    (401) 849-6334

    Eva Ruth's Specialty Bakery
    796 Aquidneck Avenue Middletown, RI
    (401) 619-1924
    * Eva Ruth's is located 10 minutes out of downtown Newport and specializes in making only gluten-free products.

    O'Briens Pub
    501 Thames Street Newport, RI
    (401) 849-6623

    Safari Room at Ocean Cliff (Sunday brunch menu)
    65 Ridge Road Newport, RI
    (401) 849-4873

    Tucker's Bistro
    150 Broadway Newport, RI
    (401) 846-3449

    Yesterday's and the Place
    28 Washington Square Newport, RI
    (401) 847-0116

    Places that are familiar with gluten-free foods and offer gluten-free options:

    A Little Café
    27 Connell Highway Newport, RI
    (401) 849-0123

    Bouchard Restaurant and Inn
    505 Thames Street Newport, RI
    (401) 846-0123

    Callahan's Café Zelda
    528 Thames Street Newport, RI
    (401) 849-4002

    Castle Hill Inn
    590 Ocean Drive Newport, RI
    (401) 324-4522
    * Castle Hill Inn is working with Eva Ruth's bakery to offer more gluten-free options.

    11 Bowen's Wharf Newport, RI
    (401) 619-2640

    Fathoms Restaurant at the Newport Marriott
    25 Americas Cup Avenue Newport, RI
    (401) 849-7788

    Fluke Wine Bar and Kitchen
    41 Bowens Wharf Newport, RI
    (401) 849-7778

    Gas Lamp Grille
    206 Thames Street Newport, RI
    (401) 845-9300
    * Gas Lamp Grille is in the process of creating a gluten-free menu.

    It's My Party Bake Shoppe
    84 William Street Newport, RI
    (401) 619-4600
    * Must call in advance to place an order for gluten-free products at It's My Party Bake Shoppe.

    Lucia Italian Restaurant
    186 B Thames Street Newport RI
    (401) 846-4477

    Mamma Luisa Restaurant
    673 Thames Street Newport, RI
    (401) 848-5257

    SAPO Freaky Burrito
    16 Broadway Newport, RI
    (401) 847-1526

    Sardellas Restaurant
    30 Memorial Boulevard W Newport, RI
    (401) 849-6312
    * Sardella's carries gluten-free pasta, but it is recommended that you call in first to make sure that they have it in stock.

    215 Goddard Row Newport, RI
    (401) 849-5155

    Tallulah on Thames
    464 Thames Street Newport, RI
    (401) 849-2433

    The Barking Crab Restaurant
    151 Swinburne Row Newport, RI
    (617) 206-8294

    The Mooring Seafood Kitchen
    1 Sayer's Wharf Newport, RI
    (401) 846-2260

    The Smokehouse Café
    31 Scotts Wharf Newport, RI
    (401) 848-9800

    The White Horse Tavern
    26 Marlborough Street Newport, RI
    (401) 849-3600
    *Some of these restaurants may only offer naturally gluten-free items, but will be more than willing to accommodate any changes to their options if asked

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    Thanks for this! There are some restaurants on here that I did not know are gluten free friendly.


    To add to your list: Salvation Cafe, Perro Salado, The Fifth Element, and Pour Judgement all have been very accommodating and aware of the needs of a gluten free diet. These restaurants are some of my favorites and my go-tos.

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    Thanks for the info!!


    Diego's now has a special gluten-free menu that is quite extensive. I had the gluten-free fish tacos, and they were delicious - and didn't make me sick so i know they really were gluten-free.

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    Just got back from Newport, Diego's is wonderful they are very knowledgeable and know all ingredients in there food. Eva Ruth's makes the best fresh bakery item I've ever had (try the biscotti, pumpkin muffins and cookies).

    Also accommodating restaurants to try Red Parrot and Benjamin's. Thanks for the article it was a huge help.

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    I live in Newport so these are recommendations from my experience. My 2 favorite restaurants who have dedicated gluten-free menus & in my experience are careful with Celiacs: 1) Diego's (diegosnewport.com) - they have a separate frialator for gluten-free even though they change the regular one every day. (Diego's restaurant opened Diego's Bodega (www.diegosmiddletown.com) for take-out and though I've never had a reaction I feel they are less careful/knowledgeable than the main restaurant) 2) The Fifth Element (thefifthri.com) - have the BEST gluten-free pizza and they are even careful about blue-cheese last time I went! Others with gluten-free menu's or accommodate gluten-free (in no particular order) The Mooring, 22 Bowen's, the Smokehouse, and probably all of the other Newport Restaurant Group restaurants Salvation Cafe (amazing gluten-free french toast & pad thai!) Pour Judgement fancy places like Castle Hill, Bouchard's, The White Horse Tavern, Ocean Cliff, Spiced Pear Raw Power Juice (www.rawpowerjuicebarnewportri.com) - falafel, wraps, salads & smoothies A-Market - grocery store with prepared foods & hot soups. List all ingredients and Gluten-free is marked bold. myamarket.com Keenwah - breakfast & lunch. affiliated with A-Market (311 Broadway, Newport, RI. does not have website, visit on Facebook) Lucia's Italian Restaurant - gluten-free pasta Sardellas - gluten-free pasta Tavern on Broadway Caleb & Broad Gas Lamp Grille (gluten-free menu, but bar-food level) Brix - part of Newport Vineyards in Middletown (www.newportvineyards.com/brix-restaurant) These places have permanently closed (so sad because they were all fantastic!!): Eva Ruth's Yesterday's and the Place Tallulah on Thames - but check out the freshest authentic gluten-free tacos at Tallulah Tacos at the Shack in Jamestown

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    I found out I have celiac in April 2010 and have incorporated celiac into my Senior Project for High School. My project is to find out the gluten-free restaurants in Newport, RI, so I hope to post something on this website about my project.

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