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1 Month Today Gluten Free!

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today marks 1 month for me! yesterday I had my asthma check up and to my astonishment my heart rate was only 75 (it has never been below 100) and my lungs were almost clear! I go back in 6 months again and my allergist will reduce my Advair dosage and eventually take me off of it! That makes  me so happy because this asthma has been very hard to manage due to the gluten triggering it. I've suffered 2 years with this and all along it was because of gluten :o


I'm not saying I'm healed only after 1 month but I am starting to see little improvements. My fingernails and lips are normal color, (they have always had a greyish/blue hue to them) and my breathing is incredible. I can actually sing again! My lungs were so hyperinflated that they flattened my diaphram and I couldn't sing without getting out of breath. I'm not a singer but love to sing none the less :D


now I have been on prednisone and tons of breathing treatments but they would only temporarily fix the problem. I'v gone a month straight without even having to yawn (that is how I would try to catch my breath) so I'm pretty excited

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