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I figured out why I had a reaction to the Cheez Whiz.  I have developed an intolerance for all corn products.  But it is not an allergy.  I was allergy tested for corn about 6 weeks ago.  Cheez Whiz has corn syrup in it.  It's all I can figure out.  


chocominties, you asked what symptoms I exhibit.  They are similar to a gluten attack only milder, coupled with a stuffy nose.


I'm back to square-one in healing my small intestine.  So here we go again.



Ah I am so sorry.  I, too, have the evil NO CORN OR ELSE tummy.  Corn is in EVERYTHING.... I cook from scratch pretty much 100%.  I do not make my own cheese (the actual kind, not the sauce/whiz) or sour cream/butters, other than that? I also cannot do any grains... except white rice.  You may want to have a go at paleo or primal as a good way to avoid corn.  I am primal but not by choice.  PS  Udi's is full of corn syrup solids so read your ingredients even if it says gluten free. Every label, every time.

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Thank you MycasMommy I can't handle dairy products now until my gut heals.....But once I am back on track I will.  Or...at least that has been my history so far.  We will see. ;)

Paleo and primal are grain AND dairy free (primal only if you cannot eat dairy like 80% of the human population without the mutant gene for it.,)

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