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Wheat Wonderland

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I am taking my kids to a "fun" farm this upcoming week. There are lots of activities for kids and things to do. One of the activities is a small silo that is filled with a couple of feet of wheat - sand box style.  My kids played in it in the past before they went gluten-free (2/3 boys have obvious gluten issues but tested negative on their one celiac test). They had fond memories of the wheat wonderland...


There's a picture of it here:



My gut reaction is to give the wheat wonderland a wide berth and tell them to keep out. It's quite dusty, lots of dust in the air, and I'm paranoid that the particulates could make them sick.


What do you think? Let them play / roll / wallow in the wheat.? Let them play but cover their mouths and wash well after? Or keep'em away?  I'm leaning towards keeping them away....

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Nicole, honey..I am pretty sure you already know this is a bad idea

and just want us to tell you this: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!. 


Not only will they get it all over themselves, but you know they are going to be bringing it home.

Never in a bazillion years.


Sorry, Nope,nope, nope. 

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