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Wedo Banana Flour May Be Coming Soon

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Looks like this company is trying to introduce gluten-free banana flour in the UISA.  they say it is similar to wheat flour in cooking.




WEDO- The first and only banana flour company in the US delivering a healthy, superior alternative to the gluten free community.



Unique- Banana flour is a fresh, superior tasting, healthy alternative to wheat flour and other gluten free flours currently in the market today.

The process- Making banana flour is simply gathering unripe green bananas before the sugar content has fully developed and peeling, slicing, drying, grinding and packaging.  

Taste- Green bananas are virtually flavorless. WEDO banana flour has an earthy wholesome natural taste. 

Color- Banana flour has an off white, beige color.



Resistant starch- WEDO banana flour is one of the very few foods containing RS2, an important form of resistant starch. 

Potassium- WEDO banana flour incorporates the health benefits of 330mg per serving (1/4 cup), 12 bananas worth of potassium in every 1 lb container.

All Natural-WEDO banana flour is full of natural vitamins and minerals. Our banana flour is made from 100% all natural green bananas, no additives, preservatives, chemicals or dyes.



Direct Substitute- Banana flour reacts remarkably well in all cooking conditions. It can be used almost as a direct substitute for wheat flour both in taste and texture. 

Goes Further- The high starch content in banana flour calls for less measured usage, allowing you to use up to 30% less flour in every recipe.


Why Banana Flour vs. Other Flours?

Taste and Texture- Banana flour has little to no taste and the texture is light and fluffy, freeing you of gritty and grainy textures in your creations.

Gluten Substitute- Banana flour mimics the results of wheat flour remarkably well, making for an easy transition to banana flour in your every day baking. However, some recipes do call for binding gums to obtain optimal consistency.     

Less is More- Because of the high starch content in banana flour it allows you to use less flour than required in your everyday recipes.

Alternative Usage- Add a boost in nutrients to your morning smoothy, add some thickness to your soups or sauces, great additive to natural homemade baby foods.



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Interesting...I read about banana flour some time ago when I started using coconut flour, but could not find any sources to buy it.


Also....interesting fundraising plan for a new product.

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