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Intolerance Issues....investigation

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Hi All,


I've joined up here because I'd like some advice from people going through intolerances.


I seem to have a problem with certain foods.


I am currently 2 weeks into an elimination diet, eliminating gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, nightshades etc.




For as long as I can remember I have had soft stool, I think it was probably early to mid teens I started to notice this. (I am now 25).


Recently due to multiple things but mostly due to the passing of my father I decided I am going to do absolutely everything to make sure I am 100% fit and healthy and do all I can for myself. Nobody else will, I have to take charge of my own life.


I went through a period about 5 years ago where I got incredibly constipated and caused a fissure to this day has not healed.


(This bit is a bit graphic, I'm sorry)


When I eat what I eat normally, I can have stool which is solid and hard at the beginning through to very sloppy and horrible at the other end of the stool. Admittedly I didn't have a 'good' diet.


I work from home and even after not eating a lot the night before, I would suddenly get the urge to need to go the loo and produce one of these inconsistent stools, and sometimes it would come out looking not like total diarrhoea but like horrible cow pat. On the TP it almost looked as if it had been watered down?


I went to the dr and told them these symptoms and they just said oh it's just a touch of IBS. I got them to do a Blood test to test for Celiac which on a subsequent visit they said returned nothing (I was eating salads at the time and was constipated, no idea if this affects the test).


I don't get headaches, stomach pains, intestinal pains, throw up after I've eaten anything.


Just my stool is inconsistent and a lot of the time it comes on urgently. When I eat something like wholemeal bread, the day after I go to the loo and it's all soft there are all bits and pieces of the wholemeal on the paper. There are also lots of things that don't seem to have been digested at all and come out in bright colours etc like tomotoe, peppers, nuts...


A few weeks ago I passed wind and it felt like either I had passed something or that I needed to go to the loo, so I tried to force out and alot of wind came out with this clear liquid, not a lot but not nice. Water? Mucus? Anyway I thought oh something I'd eaten but I could feel where my fissure was Is it to do with the fissure you think? I have read that Mucus is a sign of IBS.


On the elimination diet I am on now, this has caused me to become constipated, I'm missing a day between going to the toilet and I can constantly feel the fissure.


about 6 days ago I ate brown rice for 2 days and I got the same watery passing wind thing for 1 time. Stopped and since then haven't had it, but is this just coincidence?


Do you think I have a multitude of problems, does my inconsistent stool indicate intolerance?


Is this elimination diet causing me more problems? 


My other half has told me under no circumstances to ever force anything out, so I have stopped doing that.


Do you think it'd be better for me to perhaps go back to eating everything again and create a food diary instead?


I've read about people being sensitive or react to stuff with lots of fibre so some people need lots of it, others only need a little...could this be something affecting me?


I know you can't diagnose and I would not hold anything as gospel but would like to know what you'd do in this situation.


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It wouldn't hurt to work on eating healthy.  Make sure to get meat, nuts,vegetables, and fruits which are all gluten free.  Also, you may want to make sure you have a full celiac panel.  If you post the results in a new thread people can tell you if you did, otherwise you can hear the list of like 5 tests.  If this is negative, one could still have a biopsy.  After all your testing is done you could try eliminating all gluten and see if your health improves. 



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hello Rally!


I can't give you much on medical advice but I am also currently undiagnosed, and facing EXACTLY in terms of your stool discription.


More constipated at first, more loose towards the end. 


From my experience my blood work came back negative too,  I would push to see a GI.  There not exactly any brighter than your doctor, but if you are really trying to maintain good health it would be smart to get imaging done, either an endoscopy or MRE, etc....


My endoscopy came back with visual flattening of the duodenum, i'm scheduled to see a new doc in June and am going to see about a MRE, becuase on top of the unusual stool i've experienced a small amount of weight loss and occassional heartburn?/stomach pain?, but that is occassional. 



If it helps in terms of your elimination I've taken more of a paleo like diet,  if I tried to eat rice or quinoa it would go right through me, so I'm gluten/grain/dairy/soy/  free and it has helped. 

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Have you had a colonoscopy for those fissures? Are there multiple ones? Are they infected and draining puss (watery)  How far inside to they go.  At some point these will have to get resolved before you will see improvement.  If your not pushing anymore then that it why the last part is more watery.  The poop was ready to come out but you waited.  It effects the consistency.


Good Luck to you.



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