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My eczema has been its worst for the last few days, where it's starting to blister and very aggravating.

All tests have been negative, I've also been tested for thyroid as my brother has Hashimoto's disease and experienced the same symptoms as me, but I still have no answers after all these years. 


This skin condition is extremely frustrating and I've noticed my OCD has been at its highest. What can I do for now? I'm so tired of this crap :(

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I use to have eczema.  I remember that the MD could give me cream that would take it away, BUT it would come back with a vengeance as soon as I stopped.  I begged to be told what causes it, but it was a complete mystery to them.  My eczema went away in my 20's when I got the nutrients I needed in supplement form and used my own homemade soap.


If you haven't been tested for celiac, I would do so.  There are several thoughts out there that eczema is gluten related.  I am not sure if they could biopsy eczema as they do DH, but perhaps someone else will know.  If you want to test for celiac, keep eating gluten until you have a full celiac blood panel drawn and endoscopy if needed.  You must be eating gluten for the tests to be accurate.


I hope you find your answers and will soon be feeling better.  Did you have a full thyroid panel?  I got only the TSH which was normal, but the others showed I was borderline low.


Hang in there,



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I did have a celiac test done and results were negative. All nutrients were at range too. Honestly, I can't remember about my thyroid test, but I think it was TSH. Guess I should ask for a full thyroid panel then. ( I just assumed a thyroid test is a thyroid test).


Tried a gluten free diet and dairy free too on a few occasions to which my other symptoms did somewhat subside, but eczema was still present. For now I'm back on a gluten/dairy free diet and hoping it'll calm down.



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