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After I went gluten-free the first time I had Anaphylaxis a few times. I reacted to eggs, mayonaise, bell pepper etc. I also had low stomach acidity and very few bowel movements (some days I almost got none!). I had difficulties going to the toilet. Is that Leaky Gut or MCAS? I am planning on going gluten-free again, but I'm afraid. This time I will cut all foods I reacted to before but I want to know what is it. Living in a place where most doctors don't believe Celiac and Leaky gut exist I have to be my own medic.

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Hi Radly and Welcome to the Forum.


I think I saw in some previous post that you are self-diagnosed?  Is that for Celiac and MCAS or one of the two?  Typically MCAS symptoms are due to Histamines.  It's difficult to answer your questions without a bit more information.  



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