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I Dont Really Follow The Diet Im Suposed To

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I just wanted to chime in with this.  Her parents, may in fact, being doing all they can to help her.  She is old enough to go out in the world and stop at Subway of the Cookie Corner. It is a transitioning time and it won't matter if your parents are doing all they can for you at home. You have to do for you too. My 17 year old doesnt have a Diagnoses yet, but I am almost certain she has it too. She is in a position where food is safe at home because mom has it and cooks for everyone. We have tried a few times to get her to TRY  gluten-free, but she admits to going out to the above mentioned places. She is 17, she finished high school  last year and is in college, she works almost full time.  I cannot control her entire life.  She has appointments with doctors so that THEY can help to explain how horrible and deadly it can all be. I say this because they might be doing all they can for you, but you have to do it too. 


Because your parents do not have it (or they are not showing symptoms but could, indeed have it..as well as your sibs) perhaps you should direct your mom to this site. Maybe she does need an eye opener to the severity of it, maybe not. She may find extra ways in which she and your family can help you here too. If your doctor has not been very thorough with the education of YOU about it all, perhaps it is time to call him/her and make an appointment to talk about it with you. Educate! Educate you, your parents, even your siblings. Educate your friends! You CAN do this. It does not HAVE to be horrible.  It sounds like you are having a hard time with a sugar/carb addiction and the first things you find to break it are things with gluten.  There are probably hundreds of posts on this site about how to help with that. If you want a good and happy and healthy life, you will sit yourself down and take the time to go through them. <3

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