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DH?? (Look like bug bites)

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hello, my daughter is 4 and has been getting what I originally thought were bug bites for a few months now, and they are worsening with each exposure. She is very newly diagnosed and I'm still learning. 

I believe she gets these in relation to when she was getting "glutened" and they come for about 2 weeks. 

She used to just get one or so at a time but she currently has probably 30 "spots". They are ALL over her body including scalp, pubic area, buttocks, trunk, back, etc 

They start as raised, red round spots, then form more to like a blister (very hard to describe) then they kind of scab over and eventually go away (leaving a brown skin discoloration for a while) they didn't used to itch but they do now. 


they basically look like bug bites... Has anyone had a similar experience ??

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This looks exactly like what I'm going through right now. I got cc'd some time ago & am dealing with the rash. It has ramped down now to appear just as your daughter's.

You have to make sure she doesn't get the tiniest amount of gluten. Whole foods only. Forget processed gluten-free foods for now. Also make sure she doesn't have oats for a full year. Just get her on fresh or frozen fruits & veggies, canned things like Hunt's tomato sauce are okay, canned Bush's beans are gluten-free too. Forget the processed cereals. Give her eggs, potatoes, meat for breakfast - some fruit. Dairy if she can tolerate it. Fresh meats are fine or frozen stuff like turkey. 

Make sure to read the Newbie 101 in the coping section to learn how to protect her from cross contamination.

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This is EXACTLY what happens to me. It has twice now and both times was after both glutening episodes but once it was the day after and the other time it was a week and a half. So I'm still not sure if it's related or strange bug bites...

Did they stop happening when she stopped being glutened? Did you decide they were definitely related? I'm really confused by this and would love to know whether to insecticide my house or....

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