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Signs of gastritis, waiting on biopsy results

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My 15 yr old daughter had her endoscope today.  The stomach showed signs of gastritis and she's starting some meds for that.  The esophagus and intestine looked fine according to the doc.  I've done some searching here and have read that I can't really have any thoughts on whether this might imply no celiac but will just wait for the results in a week.

I've started her on a "gluten free" diet today, in quotations because I'm allowing "made on shared equipment".  If she turns up with a gluten intolerance diagnosis, any thoughts on whether this is a good or bad idea? Her GI doc said if not celiac, we will have to find out what level of exposure she can have without having symptoms.  We are still going under the assumption that gluten-free will help her because it has in the past.

Obviously I'm grasping at straws because the waiting for results is painful as you all know.





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My endoscopy visually was normal, but biopsies revealed moderate to damage.  So, you'll just have to wait for the pathologist's report.  I know it's hard to wait!  

I just just want to point out that your doctor is clueless about the levels of exposure before symptoms occur.  Really?  Some celiacs have no symptoms yet their small intestine is being ravaged.  I was anemic.  Had a genetic anemia, so my iron-deficiency anemia was blamed on that (and my being a woman).  Two months after my celiac disease diagnosis, I fractured my back doing nothing!  So, just because you look good on the outside is no indication of how well you are on the inside.

Basically, I think of gluten as rat poisoning.  Would you be careless about handling rat poisoning?  Okay, gluten won't kill you fast, but it will hurt you.  Cross contamination is a big problem.  Everything that is put into your mouth must be gluten free (I say you, but I mean your daughter).  Did you know that kissing someone who's been drinking a beer can gluten you?  Medications, supplements, lipsticks -- anything that can be eaten (wheat flour in the air) must be checked.   

I'm going to recommend that you check out our Newbie 101 section under the "Coping" section.  There are lots of great tips.

 I'm also going to ask you to research, research, research to help protect your daughter.  Remember, this is an autoimmune disorder not an allergy.  It can takes weeks, months or years to recover.  I kid you not!  

What were the results of her celiac blood tests?  Were those taken?  If not, get her back on gluten ASAP.  I am confused.  Was she on a gluten diet for at least four weeks prior to the endoscopy?  All the celiac tests require you to be on gluten (except genetic).  The small intestine can be damage by many things besides celiac disease.  The blood tests measure for antibodies and contribute to the diagnosis of celiac disease.  Let's hope your "not so savvy GI" took enough biopsies (four to six).  


If she does have celiac disease, stick to a whole foods diet until she starts to feel better.  Switching to gluten-free processed junk foods will, in my opinion, delay healing.  Save that for treats. 

My heart goes out to you!  My daughter is 15 too.  Amazingly, she doesn't have celiac disease yet or maybe never.......(her Dad and I have it), but it can develop at anytime and it is genetic.  Have all first-degree relatives tested even if symptom free!  

We are here to help! 


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