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Conflicting IGA - IGG blood test results

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Hi Everyone,


I just recently got a transglutaminase A (tTG) blood test done recently because I wanted to rule out having celiac disease since I’ve been having IBS like symptoms.  My results were conflicting and I don’t know If I should be concerned I might have celiac disease. I’m also looking to get pregnant soon and wanted to make sure I don’t put myself or my baby in harm if I do have celiac disease. My symptoms, have been slightly burning itchy skin on my chin, abominal pain, bloating, recurrent diarrhea, hormonal imbalance, and general IBS symptoms. 


My results:

IgA:  0.21     normal range is <= 0.90 (negative)

IgG:  1.28     normal range is <= 1.28 (positive)



My dr. says she thinks that I probably don’t have celiac disease based on my symptoms, but the results are inconclusive so she is not sure. She said she will direct it to the gastroenterologist to give me a diagonsis and will get back to me.  I was wondering if others had conflicting results and should I brush it off if the Dr. tells me I don’t have celiac disease? Should I get a second opinion?  Not sure what other questions I should ask or if I'm missing something. 

Thank you,


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Did they include an IgA deficiency test?  A positive on the celiac panel usually requires a referral to a GI for further evaluation (the rest of the celiac panel and/or endoscopy to obtain biopsies). There are over 200 symptoms of celiac disease, so a doctor shouldn't rule out celiac disease because you don't fit the classic celiac symptoms.  


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