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I've had a lot of cognitive disorganization since I was a kid and was suspecting maybe additives and salicylates were to blame. With salicylates, is there a test to tell if there's a problem? My holistic doctor I go to ran some tests, and basically he said after I asked him that becaused my ammonia wasn't high I didn't have salicylate intolerance. But I saw on the salicylate sensitivity forum that there really wasn't a blood test to tell if they were a problem. Which is right? 

I'm going to do an elimination diet anyway, but was just curious what the case is.

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there is no accurate diagnostic blood test for salicylate sensitivity. there is a test for overdoses from medication

i believe its possible to be diagnosed by being given increased amounts of salicylates while being monitored for a reaction under medical supervision but it seems quite extreme.

i have thought about trying the elimination diet as i have really bad allergy symptoms which no doctor can explain or treat. the diet seems quite restrictive though, especially if you are already gluten free so i probably wouldn't try it unless advised by medical doctor.

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