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Hey everyone, I'm a newly diagnosed celiac and have some social skills issues as well. While I've read other guides for how to order at restaurants, I was wondering if someone could write up specific questions to ask staff that I could use and memorize, as I'm not even sure what questions to be asking or how to phrase them the best (accurately, firmly, yet politely). Without some questions to ask, I tend to fumble my words and my needs don't get met or understood. I'd like to go out to a bar, for example, and I understand what ingredients are and aren't safe but am not sure what questions about cross contamination/shared kitchen use type stuff I should be asking. Would someone be willing to share the script they use for A.) going out to a new restaurant and B.) going to a bar? I would really appreciate the guidance. 


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Welcome to the forum.

As a newly diagnosed celiac, I strongly recommend NOT eating out under you are 1) feeling well and 2) have really mastered the gluten-free diet.  You can join family and friends and order a drink.  Just eat before you go and always pack a snack.  The exception to this is a 100% gluten free restaurant.  

That said, I find that these cards were handy when I traveled abroad.  I would seriously research various restaurants recommended by celiacs prior to my departure.  Otherwise, we hit the markets and had a picnic or ate in the hotel room.  


Here in  the US, I use sites like "Find Me Gluten Free" but we only select restaurants that are reviewed by a celiac and not some gluten-free dieter.  We prefer 100% dedicated gluten-free restaurants.  Some chains have received training to prevent cross contamination.  

The bottom line is all about risk.  I personally avoid eating out at all costs.  I just bring my food along in a cooler.  I have traveled twice out of the country since my diagnosis,  but I would say Europe is worth the risk!   Is it worth it to eat at a fast food restaurant? No.   My two glutenings from cross contamination made me sick for three months (antibodies kept rising long after my exposure).  I still do not know what actually was the source.  

Bars?  Make sure they run their glassware through the dishwasher (or ask for a to go cup) and never get lemon or other fruit.  The cutting board could be compromised.  

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