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Hello i have been diagnosed with IBS for over 10years prominent diarrhoea anyway since may the symptoms have been horrific to the point where i went to see the gp. 

He suggested a blood test panel to check everything was ok:

inflammatory markers 


everything came back clear i have a under active thyroid but thats stable for now. so when i went for the chat i said so does this rule out celiac, irritable bowel disease and chrons and she said yes.

however ive been getting myself in a flap worried to death im walking around with celiac. 
anything to worry about? 

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You need to get a Celiac panel done.  None of those tests will rule out celiac. You say your 'IBS' has been getting worse. Ask for a referral (if your insurance requires it, not all do) to a GI doctor. Your GP is less than worthless about celiac diagnosis.

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