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Chillies causing reaction

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Hi does anyone know where people with celiac have a reaction to chillies too just I've been quite poorly with this as my intake of chillies had grown and the symptoms seem similar 

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Do you mean chilis?  As in a hot pepper?  It might be an intolerance or allergy.  I can not eat them. ☹️


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Allergies and Food Intolerances

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I have to eat them in extreme moderation, I love the flavor but they irritate my stomach and my intestines. It seems random with how it effects me, most of the times it seems to cause a constrictive and inflammatory effect on my bowels. But I have had a few types and blends that caused D instead of the normal C issues. Funny, I love red pepper but have to have it in just pinches. I love jalapenos and grew up eating cups of salsa etc. (mothers side was hispanic and I live in Texas). Now days I have to water it down and only use a tiny bit -_-.  I miss the heat and spice of things but now most times I just do a chew and spit with the spicy stuff then proceed to eat the non spicy food with the burn still in my mouth for that satisfaction.

Chilies can really irritate the gut, if you curious as to if it is the heat or the nightshade  or caspium family causing your issues try using a different source for spice. Pepper corns like black, white, green and sachuwan are not from the nightshade family nor actual peppers. Wasabi is another option for non pepper related heat. Try these in a elimination diet for find your issues. -_- for awhile I had a allergy to bell peppers after my diagnosis, yeah paprika in that also, thank god that went away.

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Low Tolerance for sugars and carbs (Glucose spikes and UC Flares)
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