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I am looking for an option for my son's classroom.   They have in his 504 plan that each student will clean off his/her desk with a wipe after any eating in the classroom.   I have to provide the wipes to the school.   I realize that most cleaning wipes will not fully clean gluten off of desks but it will at least clean crumbs/etc off.   Any suggestions on what type of wipes to buy.   They are 4th graders so I am trying to find something that is easy, cost effective but doesn't have a ton of chemicals.  

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What about a spray bottle of diluted white vinegar and paper towels?  Cost effective, has some antibacterial properties, and is safe!  The teacher or the assigned room monitor can spray each desk. 


I can not use those antibacterial commercial wipes as they eat up my hands.  So, I must wash my hands after handling them. Not sure there is time for all the kids to wash their hands after using wipes.   

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