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DH rash

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So I'm convinced I've had Celiac and DH since I was a kid.  That said, I've never had a DH rash this bad.  It's horrible.  

I am wondering - now that I've had a rash this bad - will it always be this bad?  Am I now more sensitive to gluten then perhaps I was before this more intense rash?

And how long does it keep spreading and getting worse, before it gets better? I'm now on day 18. My arms seem to be finally clearing up, but my knees, hips, and ankles now seem to be flaring up - or getting new spots of irritation. Am I still eating something I shouldn't? 

thank you!

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I haven’t had a DH flare like that since 3 weeks before my wedding almost 25 years ago. Gluten was still in my diet and I was under an enormous amount of stress. It took several steroid injections and weeks of antihistamines to make it tolerable. I was diagnosed with Celiac 6 months later. 

My children are also prone to DH and other forms of eczema as a result of gluten ingestion over a period of time. It takes 3-4 weeks for their skin to clear up after gluten is completely eliminated from the diet. Stress in the midst of that does make their symptoms worse. 

So I’d review your daily food intake, make certain stress is under control and see your doctor to discuss treatment options. Feel better!

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