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Scott Adams

Dutch Fundraiser for Celiac Disease

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I am sharing this celiac disease fundraiser:


My girlfriend has celiac disease and this has affected us both a lot. We make it work by being extra cautious she doesn’t ingest any gluten but I can see how sometimes this disease really takes a toll on her health and energy levels. To support her and other people suffering from celiac disease I decided to compete in a 100km trail run in The Netherlands this year. By running this race I’m trying to raise awareness and funds for this auto-immune disease and to aid the scientific research that’s being done on it. 

My aim is to raise 5000.00 by the end of October. The race date is October 24. To reach this goal I am working closely together with the Dutch celiac foundation (Nederlandse Coeliakie Vereniging) and I will donate the raised funds to them so they can ensure the funds are used for scientific research into celiac disease. The foundation has already featured me and my girlfriend in their magazine and I have also gotten the support of several small businesses to sponsor me.  

However to reach my goal I will need all the support I can get and I was wondering if there is any possibility that you would be able to help me? Sponsorship would be amazing but even just the support of spreading the word out there about my fundraiser would be great. I wanted to share my website https://dannystrail.nl/en/ with you so you can have look at what exactly I’m doing for celiac disease.    

In 2019 I did a 100k race once before. I finished with a time of 17:58 hours while the cut-off time was 18 hours. This was my first time and I wasn’t quite confident enough back then to align the race for a charity event. But this time I’m giving it my all and I’m running the same race for celiac disease. It will be tough once again but I’m confident I can do it. I wrote my experiences of the first 100k race in a blog, this might give you some insight in what I’ll be going through: https://dannystrail.nl/en/nieuws-en-blogs/ 

I’m hoping that you can help me and my girlfriend to raise funds for the fight against celiac disease and I’m looking forward to your reply. 




Scott Adams

Celiac.com - Celiac Disease Board Moderator

Founder Celiac.com

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