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how can you tell how long you've had it ?

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is there anyway to tell how long you've had Gluten Allergy or related?

Is it usually since the time you've started experiencing symptoms?  For example, I first started having my upset stomach issues FEB 9 of this year... does that mean it began around that time?

I have had tinnitus though for a long time... like 10+ years..  not sure if its related...    but my stomachs always felt normal before..

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Celiac disease is like a chameleon.  Symptoms are always changing.  It is the reason, you can not diagnose celiac disease based on symptoms (which overlap with so many illnesses like infections, cancer or other autoimmune).  You might have had celiac disease prior to your diagnosis.  Perhaps a recently virus, caused your body to produce GI symptoms.  

Many members report looking back and realizing that they probably had celiac disease for years.  

I was the kid who had lots of stomach aches, allergies (e.g.cold hives), passed out frequently, and was a tiny kid with a copious appetite.  My symptoms were inconsistent which perplexed my parents and my doctors.  I have been anemic my whole life and was prescribed iron pills, which temporarily worked (later I was also diagnosed with Thalassemia).  Hit my 30’s and developed Rosacea.  Went on antibiotics for over a year.  Developed GI symptoms.  Went to 4 GI’s who did not have a clue.  Because I tested positive to milk protein and nuts when I was a kid, avoiding those foods helped.  One doctor who diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis put me on a strict AIP diet which helped.  When I introduced wheat, no response.  So kept gluten in my diet.  My health improved.  I participated in Triathalons and Century Bike rides.  My career was very rewarding.  I eventually got pregnant.  Had a healthy baby.  Then my gallbladder started acting up (no stones, family curse).    Had surgery.  Recovered.  Still had anemia though.  But doctors blamed my low hemoglobin on Thalassemia.  Went for a routine colonoscopy when I hit 50.  That GI looked at my history of anemia.  Saw my small stature and thankfully, ordered a complete celiac disease blood panel (positive on only the DGP IgA).   The rest is history.  

I was shocked that I had a positive on the panel.  My husband had been gluten-free for 12 years and I knew exactly what to expect.  Because of work issues, I waited seven weeks for my endoscopy and colonoscopy.  I ate gluten like crazy.  Savored all my favorites.  Like buying boxes of cookies, ate a few and handed the rest to friends and family.  Stopped at restaurants to get my favorite foods.  Literally ate a loaf of sourdough with butter a day.  By the end of the month, I had started to develop GI problems.  I knew I had celiac disease.  I knew I had it for a long time.  Was it something else?  Five years later, a repeat endoscopy revealed that my gut had healed.  I have, without a doubt, celiac disease.  

But guess what?  I feel great!  I have learned to make my old favorites in a gluten-free form.  I also learned along the way, that our Standard American Diet, has caused so much damage not just to me, but our society.  So, my diet leans more towards real food.  I also only eat a dedicated restaurants.  It is easier on me.   I can actually relax and enjoy my food knowing that I am not going to get a gluten exposure.  So for me, piece of mind is priceless.  I do go out with family and friends.  I just order a drink and enjoy the people which I think this pandemic has exposed.  We need relationships.  That trumps eating restaurant food, which can be tasty and convenient, but risky.  Each celiac has to do their own risk assessment and make that determination.  

I have tinnitus too, it has never resolve though despite healing.  

I hope this helps.  

Edited by cyclinglady

Non-functioning Gall bladder Removal Surgery 2005

Diagnosed via Blood Test and Endoscopy: March 2013

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis -- Stable 2014

Anemia -- Resolved

Fractures (vertebrae): June 2013

Osteopenia/osteoporosis -- June 2013

Allergies and Food Intolerances

Diabetes -- January 2014

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I likely had gluten intolerance my whole life. It was misdiagnosed.

My Pregnancies ratcheted it up for me as I began having more symptoms after I had my kids. Initially they told me to take better vitamins as they said my body was likely depleted from pregnancies and nursing . Then when that didn't work they said it was in my head.

It was a total of 13 years after my first pregnancy I was diagnosed.

I suspect I have always had issues. I stopped breathing as a baby, my mom a nurse performed CPR,  got me going before the paramedics got there. They never determined the cause of that incident.

One person after my diagnosis hypothesized it was possibly related to when I was introduced to cereral as a kiddo. I have vasovagal symptoms of lightheadedness etc and it's possible I had a vasovagal incident or another reaction as a baby when cereal was first introduced.

While I went a long time undiagnosed having a nurse for a mother likely helped me during those undiagnosed years.

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