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Does Anyone Feel Good At All?

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is there a list of what you can and cannot eat? sounds like theres very little to eat?


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There is a website can explain it better than I can, but I will try (www.breakingtheviciouscycle.com). The SCD is a cleaning out diet that starves out all of the bad bacteria in your gut. It is the hardest diet I have ever been on, but I feel amazing. Basically, only the simplest fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses are allowed. No processed foods. In the beginning, all of the vegetables and things must be cooked until they are mush. It sounds awful, but when you start feeling amazing after just 1 week on the diet, you know it works. You make your own yogurt as well (lactose free). You can't eat any disaccharides. I hope my explanation helps, but if you take a look at the website and are interested you can order the book that explains the scientific basis for the diet. IT WORKS!!!!!

Thank you. I'll check it out. Maybe I'll give it a try. The truth is that I don't miss some of the things I used to eat befofe I went on the yeast free / low carb diet but I just can't wait to finally feel like myself again.

Thanks ... Carol :)

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I have been gluten-free since November 28, last year. For me the change in my bowels was within the first week. Then realizing after a month that I did not get up 8 times a night to pee, which I had done my whole life. I won't say I feel perfect but I am not as tired as I was except when I get accidentally glutened. I feel better than I have in a long time.

When I used to bend over I would get terrible cramps in my abdomen I would almost pass out. Since being glutenfree that has not happened.

I am starting back walking, before I was too tired to ever do it and having been a previous race walker it destroyed me. Gluten and Thyroid took me so far from what I was 8 years ago it was not funny. I have lost about 35 pounds since being gluten-free. It has only been less than 5 months. I am looking forward to feeling better, better.



wheat/ dairy allergies, lactose/casein intolerance-1980

Multiple food, environmental allergies

allergic to all antibiotics except sulpha

Rheumitoid arthritis,Migraine headaches,TMJ- 1975


egg allergy-1997

msg allergy,gall bladder surgery-1972

Skin Biopsy positive DH-Dec.1 2005, confirmed celiac disease

gluten-free totally since Nov. 28, 2005

Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism- 2005

Pernicious Anemia 1999 (still anemic on and off.)

Osteoporosis Aug. 2006

Creative people need maids.

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