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Finally Progress

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Wow its amazing three weeks gluten free now and my stomic is almost never bugging me FINALLY WHOOOHOOOO i feel better then i have in days and im such a good mood its amazing. The only thing i have left to complain about is the brain fog and tiredness wich has acually gotten worse but i dont care my stomic is not bugging me w000000t. Oh and i guess i am still only passing literal hard balls of stool :( but im sure that will change in time and they are not green anymore finally brown again but still with those coffe grounds in them but like i said probably just dead mucus I FEEL SO GOOD THOUGH yes yes yes. sorry its just i have had over a month now of just feeling like complete crap and it feels so good to not have constant stomic noises or burning sensations. I do still get very bloated when i eat though anyone else experense this, like i wont even eat that much say a very small spinich salad with some pork on it and i will be extremely bloated for about 10 to 20 minutes but hey whatever as long as im not in pain w0000t w000t sorry i am just celebrating. I hope all of you that feel like crap get better soon so you can join me in a praise of w00ts


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We are all very glad that you're felling better. Keep on doing what you're doing and with hopes good health will continue. :D

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