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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


Thyroid Meds - Mainstream Rx & Compound Rx

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I took synthroid for a while, and then my doctor switched me to levothroid, saying she had heard of too many problems with synthroid (this was in 1991). Somehwere along the way, I ended up on Generic (original doctor, who was great, retired), Generic had too many variations, and I got put on Levoxyl. I got switched back to synthroid last year after a year of alternating dosages with Levoxyl--it actually worked well for a while to alternate dosages each day (1 mg one day, 1.12 the next day), but my doctor wondered if switching brands might give me a dosage that matched my needs better, as while two different brands may eachSAY 1 mg, they will be absorbed differently.

Anyway, Synthroid seemed to work great for several months--but I started getting hyper symptoms--but bloodwork showed that I was hypo. My doctor was kind enough to listen to my symptoms, and lowered my dosage anyway. I just had blood drawn yesterday--we'll see what the results are. Except for feeling a little draggy, all my other symptoms have disappeared. I do get a lot more done when I'm hypothyroid, though. Kinda makes me wonder if bipolar disorder is simply alternating hypo-and hyperthyroidism.

That didn't really give you anything helpful, did it? Oh, well...

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Here's a breathing exercise that is supposed to tone the thyroid. It takes a while to start making a difference, but it is supposed to help. I was given this exercise by my Ayurvedic doc from India who has done so much to cure me of other ailments. (I've never done this one long enough to see if it works, and I'm only subclinical hypothyroid.)

Put your chin to your chest

Inhale through your nose

Stretch your neck all the way back so you're facing the sky

Exhale through your mouth

Repeat several times.

Repeat twice or so a day.

I don't know if it will help, but it is an idea from a different medical tradition, one thousands of years old.

Good luck!

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I've been on a number of thyroid hormones, synthetic and natural (porcine derived). I have a low Free T3 but normal TSH when I am on synthetic thyroid. I had a lot of hypotyroid symptoms... but I think they were either related to my autoimmune disease (AS) or else gluten and dairy in my diet. Since I've gotten my AS treated and been gluten/dairy free, they've gone away.

I tried T3 containing thyroid meds (Armour and similar) but they make me feel hyper while still feeling, oddly enough, hypo too. So I think for me it wasn't really thyroid at all, it was either the dietary intolerances or else the autoimmune problem.

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I am on Levoxyl 75mcg - been on synthroid, levothyroxine, and now levoxyl for 2 years (started during pregnancy). I haven't noticed a difference between any of them, but then again, I'm just starting to get gluten-free so I'm sure things will change!

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Are the compound pharmacist able to get different brands or types of thyroid drugs, or do they all come from the same source? All the drug companies buy the same (synthetic) and make their brand different?

You will have to call a compounding pharmacist to get the answers to these questions, as they are drug specific. Generally, compounding pharmacies get the active chemical of the drug in question into their lab, and formulate it with carriers so that it is stable and consumable and processable by the body in the fashion intended. Whether they can get it or not may depened on the brand-name/generic status of the drug, the manufacturer of the main ingredient, and the lab. Whether it's available from more than one source depends, again, on the ingredient itself - some chemicals are in high enough demand that, if they've gone to a generic statu, they are made by many companies, some are not.

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I've been on Synthroid since I was diagnosed several years ago. I've had my dosage adjusted several times now, most recently as of 2 weeks ago. I started out on 1 pill of .050 every day. Then we took it up to taking that 5 days a week and 2 pills 2 days a week. Then I started taking the .075 dose, 1 pill every day. I went for my regular 6 month check up a couple weeks ago and my doctor said I was at the high end of where my levels should be and said if I feel like I'm tired or not feeling right I can increase to the .088 dosage. I told him you're asking a girl who thought it was normal to be sick for 10 years to judge how she's feeling. LOL!!! We decided to give the higher dosage a try and closely monitor it. I'll get checked out at 3 months rather than 6 this time to make sure it's ok and ofcourse call him if I feel jittery at all or any palpatations, etc.

I love my endocrinologist. He's great. Actually he is also my PCP and had I not switched to him as a PCP (literally chose a name of the Aetna's website when I needed a new doctor) I never would have known I have a thyroid problem. When I went to him for the 1st time he did the preliminary questions as any new doctor does. As his specialty is endocrinology ofcourse he asked if there was any history of thyroid problems, etc. I don't have any contact with my real mom or her family (yes she's still alive, no I'm not adopted) so I really don't know a lot of my medical history. I had never heard anyone mention anything about a thyroid so I just said no. He said well we're gonna take blood for other stuff so we'll test anyway. Shock to everyone when the tests came back showing I had an underactive thyroid. One because I'm just under 5'6", 110 lbs. and never been on a diet, and second because according to me I had no family history of thyroid problems which made this really odd for my body type. So we re-tested. Same results. Well I later learned from my brother (who does have contact with our mother) that apparently her and her entire family have a thyroid problem! Whoops! Needless to say it was a tad bit embarrassing explaining this to my doctor but he kinda laughed.

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Well, I totally relate to how you are feeling.

I have Hashimoto disease.

Just found out on Monday that my Thyroid is way to large again and I have to be put on medication to correct the problem.

Needless to say I also have all the symptoms off low Thyroid.

Dizziness, tiredness, hairloss and so on.

I am also allergic to gluten, dairy, corn, nightshades and probably some other things I do not yet know about.

I took LEVOTHYROXINE Sodium yesterday and today.

I know it is gluten free, but did not think about the corn and lactose in it.

Found out about those by reading online today.

I actually reacted to the corn and had reactions as soon as I took it.

Please let me know if you find out anything about what we can take at this point.

Looks like it does not get easier for us that soon. But there is always hope ... :)

I am actually better without gluten as long as my Thyroid does not offset the gains.

Does anyone take thyroid medication?

What do you take?

How long did it take for you to get the 'right' dose? :unsure:

What did you try? Your reaction?

Please feel free to share with me. I know everyone is different. What is good for me might not be good for you, I know. I'm searching for answers and have been surfing pages and pages of postings and it's become confusing at this point. I think I need some help. Many of you know more than I do about medications, what works, what doesn't and so on.

After being gluten-free & DF of 5 years I developed a serious thyroid problem and had RAI treatment, since I have had to take thyroid meds, I went from hyper to now hypo. I kind-a-understand-a-bit, but still confusing.

I took LEVOXYL 88 mcg. I go round and round with the doc, she says my levels are normal, and I see it on paper. The Levoxyl does have corn in it and the dyes in mainstream medications are almost ALL cross contaminated with gluten (I've researched). I don't feel normal [giggle] and I'm symptomatic of hyper thyroid; my hair is falling out again, can't sleep. I don't feel myself and haven't since this thyroid problem. I have a problem with CORN, DAIRY, SOY and a few other things in my profile.

So about 6 wks ago I went back to the compound RX. And went to a different doc he wrote another script, something differenet. LEVOTHYROXINE T-4 (gluten-free-CF) 75 mcg dose. I took it for 5 weeks and felt much better. Then last week all of a sudden I began getting symptomatic hypo again. I went for blood work Thursday and on Friday I see my THS is high 14.96 (normal is 0.47 - 6.90).

I have tried the NATURE THROID & ARMOR THYROID, they either had corn in them, or they were made from pig/pork and although it worked for a short time I got a blister in my mouth. So neither are an option for me now.

Are the compound pharmacist able to get different brands or types of thyroid drugs, or do they all come from the same source? All the drug companies buy the same (synthetic) and make their brand different?

Over the weekend I prepared a chart back to when it all began back in 2001 until today. T4 - T-UPTAKE - FTI - TSH. I'll post in on my blogg later. But I could see that when I removed my Vivelle 0.05 HRT patch in 2001 that is when celiac disease really grabbed a hold of my body and with time the thyroid problem came the secondarly food allergies... Another note: when my T4 was high I had problems with my teeth. I've read that is common.

It has become a major production getting not only the [dose right] but getting the thyroid compounded medication. I feel he has lost patients with me, and I don't blame him. He doesn't want to take my calls I can tell. I require a lot more time, I ask a lot question, and I am learning very slow in this process. Once he gets the script it take at least a week to get it.

I can deal with celiac disease, but it's my thyroid that has made it the major issue for me. It has thrown every other part in my body off. I would like to spend the summer in the NE, get away from the hurricanes this year, go have some fun and fall-in-love. Until I can get this medication right, I can't do much else. And I know some of you have been down this path before. Please help...

I welcome any and all, thoughts, ideas, and comments on this issue. Thanx! :wub:

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Sorry to hear you are not doing so well. Looks like it is a constant up and down.

Luckely, lately I feel like things are going more up than down for me.

However, that can also change from one day to the next.

I am doing a little better on Levoxyl (0.025mg). Since I started only about two weeks ago I do not yet know whether it is a long term thing or not.

In addition, I had some corn issues again. Found out my multivitamins had corn in them and also my toothpaste. (I used one from Whole Foods Market). My ear pain and sore throat almost went away as soon as I stopped using it.

However, since it is a little easier now to see what other foods/medication I am reacting to I am watching Levoxyl a little closer. Only had my ears plugged a little today and the only thing I consumed before that was Levoxyl. I am going to see how it goes the next days. Maybe their coloring does have some corn in it as you mentioned earlier.

My corn (tiredness, drouzy, depression) reactions feel the same as being hypothyroid plus the flu like feeling.

Have you ever been checked for Hashimoto? (My blood had come back as normal, only ultrasound showed the disease for me this time.)

I am using baking soda for my teeth at the moment. What are you using? (gluten, corn, lactose free)

Hope you are going to feel better soon. Many HUGGS.

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