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Clark Bent as Stupor-Man

What Mainstream Snack Foods Are Gluten And Dairy Free

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I've been on a really strict elimination type diet for most of the year and I'm starting to expand what I'm eating... I haven't really looked into what is gluten free and what isn't in terms of mainstream products so I was hoping for some suggestions for snacks and different foods (ie. chips, fries, cookies, canned foods, microwave and freezer foods, etc.)

I also need them to be soy free and egg free but I can check on that if you don't know...

- Charlie

- gluten free since January, 2006

- multiple food intolerances temporarily from leaky gut and candida

- positive test for lyme disease - April, 2007

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I eat Back to Nature Sesame Ginger rice crackers and Kettle baked slightly salted potato chips (yellow bag).

Publix carries the crackers and occasionally has the chips. I am working on getting my Publix to carry them all the time.

That's it for me as far as main steam. :) Marcia

Jan 1990 - Dx CFS/ME/FM (URI's, Ataxia, myoclonus, orthostatic hypotension, insomnia, brain fog, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat... ) Completely Disabled (housebound and bedridden at times)

2004 - Digestive pain all the time.

May 2004 - Hiatal hernia, erosive gastritis, gastroparesis (endoscopy)

August 2004 - Colon polyps, diverticulitus, internal hemorrhoids (colonoscopy)

No relief from Nexium, Prilosec, Protonix, Zelnorm, Miralax, Imodium, Lomotil ...

July 2005 - GP recommended WFDFSFEFCF + vegan (Also, anything that hurts free)

Immediately stopped needing naps and digestive pain reduced.

Sept 2005 - GFDFCFSFEF + chemical free - Immediately stopped feeling jittery / buzzing and digestive issues were much better.

June 2006 - Dx B12 and iron deficient. Started B12 injections and using cast iron pan.

August 2006 - MYOCLONUS GONE. (off Klonopin)

September 2006 - ATAXIA, INSOMNIA and Feeling like the floor was moving under my feet gone.

June 19, 2007 - Positive DQ2, Dx Celiac

October 2007 - Sleeping like a baby, waking up with energy, but still having fatigue/stamina issues

Nov 2007 - Started Paleo diet for chronic hypoglycemia

April 2008 - GTT normal. I'm no longer hypoglycemic. Started Low oxalate diet for kidney stones.

May 1, 2008 - Began salt loading for OI/NMH - noticed immediately muscle weakness was gone. I was sodium deficient but my labs don't reflect it. Still working on OI and PEM.

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Ruffles, I like the Natural Ones in the health food section, but regular ones are fine, too.

Lara Bars, Clif Nectar Bars (be sure they're Nectar, the others aren't gluten-free), Bumblebars --I find Lara and Nectar at Kroger, but Bumblebars at Wild Oats.

Chips (many brands) & salsa

gluten-free 12/05

diagnosed with Lyme Disease 12/06

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I don't buy things pre-made, but it's easy to make things and freeze or store them in portions for grab and go. In addition to baked goods (like bars, muffins, cookies), what about trail mix / "chex" type mixes? popcorn? homemade jello cups (or the store bought ones, but if you are elimating, i would think you are going for more natural options)... you can make them with juice and gelatin. applesauce/fruit sauces (if you make it and let it simmer all day, you'll have a wonderful smelling kitchen! chocolate bars, dried fruits/vegetables...

Gluten-free, Vegan

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