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Devastated! Everything's Fine With Me?

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hi all!

I am back! i was very busy and had not really news on the bloating front. it has been slightly better since glutenfree, but it's always better when i am not eating more than a certain amount of food/day.

stool is not better and my scin is only slightly better, but it's spring now, and the hard winter time is over, which is always hard on my face skin due to fleece shirts and caps.

anyway, my test results are back. i made a big food antibody assessment test (IgG) with approx. 100 foods, it is so disappointing.

tuna is 'low' (+1) --> okay, I get reflux from that so i eat it only occasionally

cane sugar, celery, millet, sole, cantalupe, cherry, mung bean, spinach, carrot, mais gluten, peanut, watermelon, cashew, filbert, rice, and zucchini are 'very low'.

from these foods, i only east cashews, rice, mais gluten, and probably sugar very often, butnot every day. i do not know, if the suagr i use is cane sugar or not and i do not know what to do with the term 'mais gluten'. what is this? i know its in the 'glutenfree' cat food (royal canin dry foods) and will be in some gluten-free-bread, which i do not eat every day.

then i had some IgE reaction against timothy grass and cockroach (??), although i cannot tell that i ever seen a cockroach in my life (except on TV).

the total IgE is very high, but there are no comments about that in the report. what should i do with this information?? another antibody test against food at the doctor?

with the report, there came a rotation diet plan, but all foods who indicated reaction (although very low), i do not eat every day, and celery, carot, cantalupe, filbert, watermeleon, cherry, mungo bean, i eat probably 3-4 times a year.

this test was so expensive and i am not smarter after that. no indications of dairy, gluten, soj or other main trouble foods..... every darned test is negative!!!!

i have been in germany over easter and now i recognize that i am so busy there that i do not eat that amount of food which I eat here. but it's the same food basically, but i am feeling better there at least physically, since i got a lot of problems emotionally since my marriage is falling apart. or better i am separating from my husband right now.

always the same: i eat normal portions/times = i am blotaed, i do not eat that much = it's okay.

and i am so sick of useless tests......

sorry that i did not have any positive to tell.... hope you all are allright!!!!

best wishes and spring greetings (it was very sunny and warm in germany!!)


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I'm so sorry that it's so frustrating for you. I hope you are doing okay with the separation - I know how stressful that is.

Hang in there.


"But then, in all honesty, if scientists don't play god, who will?"

- James Watson

My sources are unreliable, but their information is fascinating.

- Ashleigh Brilliant

Leap, and the net will appear.

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hi Jeanna!!

thanx for your kind words! it's okay, I feel sad, but I made the decision approx. 6 month ago, so it's okay for me. at least it feels better than thsi disappointing and resultless search to get better physically. argh!!

bye, bye,


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