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Wendy's Fries

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I went to the Wendy's by my house and talked to the manager about the french fries. She told me that they were cooked seperately, and that the oil was vegetable oil. I decided to have some fries and an hour later I was having cramps, bloating, and D. I thought maybe it was a fluke, so I tried it again a few days later. Same thing. I have read on here that a lot of people eat their fries, so I decided to try a different Wendy's. I talked to the manager there, and he told me the same thing, cooked seperatly in vegetable oil. Well, Ive been sick all afternoon. This is REALLY strange for me since I NEVER get stomach problems. Gastrointestinal wise, I have (until now) never had any celiac symptoms. Does anyone else get sick from Wendy's fries? Before my diagnosis and the gluten free diet, I ate them several times a month and never got sick. Do you think Im reacting to a small amount of gluten in them?

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If they're in a separate fryer, they are gluten-free. HOWEVER, cross contamination is a HUGE problem at fast food restaurants. You very well could be more sensitive to a small amount of gluten.

If you've been eating really healthy lately, then maybe you're just reacting to the junk food.

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the only thing we eat at Wendy's (we rarely get there)...is chili or meat patty or baked potatoe... I've seen the fryer and at any Wendy's I have been to, none had dedicated fryers. Wendy's is also bad for taking the meat off the bun and putting it on a platter..last time it happened, the "chick" in the back" rolled her eyes when I asked her to get patty off the grill ...so I loudly said -" I know it's a pain, but you really dont want my kids to get sick from Wendy's do you? Manager aplogized on behalf of his staff and said they are supposed to accomodate customers with a smile.

I'm guessing the fries were cc'd somehow



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Either that or you are reacting to too much oil, which is a problem that I have when I try to eat fries ... even the gluten free frozen ones.

I do mine in the oven and have no problem.


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