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larry mac

Strange Disorder Has Scientists, Beekeepers Puzzled

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Interesting article in the Dallas Morning News today. Hives are being lost due to bees not returning for some mysterious reason. This could have dire consequences for fruit and vegetable growers.

This part piqued my interest:

In 1997, Dr. Pankiw said, large numbers of bee colonies were lost because beekeepers fed them a type of high-fructose corn syrup, a sweetener used in baked goods and soft drinks.

"That may be what's happened here, but nothing's confirmed as a causal factor," she said.

The high-fructose corn syrup feed may have been responsible for some of the hives abandoned in Texas, she said. "They develop a fatal case of diarrhea and flee the hive to die."

The story can be read here:


best regards, lm

gluten-free 12-18-06

colonoscopy, upper GI
blood, urine, stool tests, prometheus panel
positive endoscopy/positive duodenal biopsies (severe villous atrophy, high intraepithelial lympocytes)
diagnosed celiac disease by Gastroenterologist Andrew R. Gottesman, 12-18-06

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Wow! I'd heard of the bees dying but I wasn't aware they were being fed HFCS. I think that stuff is bad! I didn't used to allow my daughter to have it at all, ever. But then after developing 7 different food allergies, I relaxed my standards a bit and occasionally allowed her to have things with it in there. Her foods were so restricted and it was hard to find any kind of sweets or special treats she could eat. Looks like I may have to rethink my decision and not allow it any more. I just don't think it's good for man nor beast!

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That's interesting... I have been really paying attention and trying to pick things without HFCS and also partially hydrogenated oils. It's not easy! ;)

Julie ~ my dd also has multiple food allergies!! You and I are in the same boat!

Mom of:

Carleigh~ 10 years old, allergic to wheat, milk, peanuts, strawberries, and many EAs. She is currently soy-light and egg-light ~ celiac testing inconclusive by allergist.

Gluten-Free since 10/05 She's a gymnast. : )

Nick ~ 13 years old with no known allergies.

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high-fructose corn syrup

Again, man interfering with nature. It isn't a food they would get in nature, so man decided - hey lets feed something processed... sigh. Will "man" ever learn that insects and mammals have survived for thousands of years.... without us....or in spite of us....

Sandy...just my rambling opinion..


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pernicious anemia

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daughter is: age 15

central hypotonia and developmental delay

balance issues (rides an adult 3 wheel bike)

hypothyroid 1996

dermatographia - a form of angioedema 2002

celiac 2004 - by endoscopy

diagnosed Aspergers at age 7 - responded very well (HUGE difference) to gluten-free diet

recovered from Kawasaki (2003)

lactose intolerant - figured out in Oct/06

Gilberts syndrome (April/07)

allergy to stinging insects

scoliosis Jan 2008

nightshade intolerance - figured out April 2008

allergy to Sulfa antibiotics

son is 13

type 1 diabetic - 2003 diagnosed on his 9th birthday

celiac - 2004 by endoscopy

lactose intolerant - figured out Nov/06

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