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Tim Hortons

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I was goign to ask if anyone ever had any problem with the coffee there, but then I forgot how silly that would be to ask since I worked there (well before I knew I had a gluten intolerance). I just wanted to say it probably isnt a good idea for any celiac to consume anything from there or places like it due to CC. I'm pretty sure that even the coffee pots have gluten lurking in them. When I worked there we had to de-lime them several times a day, this required cleaning the pots and the actual machine that holds the water. I rememebr there was this long metal strip thing that we had to insert into the machine to clean the grounds and gunk out. That metal strip wasnt really stored anywhere special and in between cleaning the pots it would be places rught on the counter were where I'm 100% there were crumbs of gluten floating aroud from bagel and what not.......

just thought I'd share the info.

Also the fruit in the yogurt cups were measured right in the store in the same area donuts and bread was being baked... this depressed me now that I think about it b/c my mom just gave me gift certificates to Tim hortons *GEE THANKS MOM!* :blink:

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