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Balancing A gluten-free Diet

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Well, yesterday I decided to go gluten-free, I went to the store and picked up several gluten-free items. My toddler tends to want to eat and eat. I'm usually fine with figuring out a meal for him, but I get lost when he continues to ask for more food...I"m not sure what to fix next...which food group is the best choice...he only has 10 teeth so we're still doing toddler friendly foods, and he's also no dairy. I feel like I feed him too much of the same .carbs, carbs and more carbs! I usually juice his veggies otherwise they end up on the floor. He loves fruit, but I try not to over do it, since he pectin could be contributing to his stool issues.

Breakfast he had

1/4 c quinoa flakes hot cereal (made 3/4c prepared)

1/2 small banana (mixed in cereal)

1 small banana


Tried some sugar snap peas...no go, but fun to play with.

1/4 cup of panda PB cereal

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