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Hey everyone. I read through a lot of thread titles and I don't know if this is here yet or not. I apologize if it is. Years ago I used to buy Mootz Fudge whenever we were at the local fair. I don't know if anyone else has heard of them or not but the fudge is delicious and I usually bought a few pounds... until I couldn't find their ingredients and didn't feel safe eating it. Fudge in general I felt should be gluten free, but I wanted to be sure.

On their website, they say that they process wheat through pretzels and crackers so other products may have gluten from cross-contamination. But I can't find actual ingredients. Does anyone know if Mootz fudge ingredients themselves are gluten free?

I've become a bit paranoid lately as I'm getting symptoms and don't know why. :) I didn't want to hurt myself more as we go off to the fair later.

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I'm not aware of the company, but if they state that there could be CC because of wheat containing ingredients, I wouldn't take a chance...

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