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What To Expect After Getting Glutened?

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Hi there!

Was recently on vacation, and despite my very best efforts, I got glutened. One was eating from a platter of food that had, among other things, Spaetzle on it, and the other time was when I ordered pumpkin ice cream (which was actually pumpkin PIE) and crunched into a piece of pie crust!

There could have been a few other times, such as ordering scrambled eggs at a restaurant, ordering a hamburger without the bun... you never know, right?

The spaetzle was 2 days ago, and the pie crust was this morning.

Ive had very sporadic, short lived sharp pains in my upper GI-area, kind of like someone is poking a toothpick from inside now and then, or like I swallowed a little pokey thing and its bouncing around in there... This is not my normal, random stomach gurle that sometimes happens but something that I remember from before I found out I am gluten intolerant. But at the same time, the reaction is not extreme at all.

Ive been gluten free for 6 weeks now, and the amount of glutening seems very small compared to if I ate a piece of bread. Does this seem like a normal reaction for such a seemingly insignificant amount?

By the way, Kudos to those in Leavenworth that were understanding when I asked for the hamburger with no bun! :)

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Last March, when I started to figure out my gluten intolerance, I was really skeptical that such trace amounts could actually affect anyone. But, then, I ate a kale salad with a little bit of blue cheese on top. Turns out that the mold in my blue cheese was dusted off bread. That teeny, tiny bit messed up my entire week.

Same goes for the grilled sandwich where I took off the bread (and scraped off hte bread crumbs) and the Mocha Chip Frappucino (gluten in the chips) I had last August.

So, yeah, the littlest bit can cause a reaction. I am perpetually dumbfounded by how little it takes to make invoke a reaction.

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As time goes on and your body starts to heal, your reaction to gluten may increase in severity. I have been gluten-free for 2 1/2 year now and something as simple as using dishes at a friends house or using a microwave that has food deposits on the roof can trigger a massive reaction for me. Yet, for some people their reactions stay mild and consistent. Just remember that even though your reaction may be mild to moderate does not mean it's effect on you immune system isn't severe. Vacations are always hard...while you are supposed to be relaxed you spend your time trying to not be a bother to those you are with while trying to ensure that the food you eat is safe. I have vowed to my self that one day when I have enough money I am going to stay at gluten-free resort(yes they do exsist) so that I can truly relax! I wish you the best in your new gluten-free life and don't give up, it gets easier over time!

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