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Is This All Related To Celiac?

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I hear you on the yeast infections!! Not fun at all. I noticed that if I watch how much sugar I eat (the less the better), the monthly yeast infection has nearly gone away. I'm also taking probiotics (Nature Made has one--Acidophilus) 2x a day, and when I get that familiar feeling, I take some of the odorless garlic (also from Nature Made). I really think that between the sugar intake and the probiotics that is what is working, but that is just for me. Hopefully you can find something that will work for you! Best of luck.


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Before I was dx Celiac, I had the chronic yeast infections too. Turned out I had a massive fungal infection of my GI tract. The GI doc did an upper endo to diagnose, then I took Diflucan for 30 days every day. That fixed it. Might want to ask about that.

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