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So I have been gluten free for 7 weeks after about 2 months of feeling awful. Once gluten free I started to feel great and finally keep food down. I had the blood test last week which came back negative(although I had been on the diet for 6 weeks already).

I decided to do a little gluten challenge for myself. I had to know if gluten was causing the problem. Yesterday I ate myself I nice big breaded chicken sandwich on a wheat bun. Last night, my stomach got really bloated again and I felt extremely tired. This morning, my stomach is a little better(not great), I feel extremely tired and I have a horrible headache. The headache was not something that I suffered from before.

I used to get awful nausea and D among other things, but this hasn't happened yet? Is this normal? Can I have a late reaction to gluten? Could the headache be from the gluten?

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Hello Reetz:

Every BODY is different but when I deliberately ate gluten after about 3 weeks of not eating it, that is almost exactly what I got.

My heart sped up, I got a wicked headache and my limbs came over all achy. I became exhausted and I felt like I needed to take a nap right them and there.

I have had to go back on it for good as I am going to be tested at the end of the month and I have had a dull ache in my head, limbs heavy and achy, and tired all the time.

I just started to get my IBS attacks yesterday and that is an odd thing for me, as I wondered why they hadn't shown up sooner. This is all as of the first of the month.

The constant dull headache is weird for me as I rarely get headaches.

So, yes, every one is different.

What you are going through is valid. And it's how YOU reacted.

But it certainly does sound like a gluten reaction.

Maybe others will weigh in here?

But a delayed reaction is still a reaction, despite the fact that it's not traditionally what you got before.

Keep going, this is obviously the right thing for you to do.


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