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yeah, that does sound like cross contamination then. I am so sorry!!! :(

Thanks everybody! I appreciate the support and sympathy...sometimes that is all you can do. :) It's hard when you don't have anyone close to you who understand. I've got a great family, but they just don't "get it." I'll stick to the bland stuff for a few weeks...so far, so good. Glad for the tip on the veggies!

Gluten free: Nov. 2009

Peanut and dairy free: Dec. 2009

Rediscovered dairy: March 2010 (in small quantities)

Peanuts added back: June 2010 (in small quantities)

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I ordered what I had before at a different restaurant, and I did fine. California roll with mackerel substituted for crab (very yummy), two pieces of tuna nigiri, and a tuna roll -- just tuna, rice and seaweed. I bought my own La Choy soy sauce across the street before going in. And we had mochi red bean ice cream at the end. Same things I've had before, so I'm guessing maybe cross contamination?

I didn't know La Choy was gluten free, so after reading your post I Googled it, hoping to try some. Without looking very much at all, I saw quite a few complaining that they got glutened by the supposedly gluten-free La Choy. Maybe the factory had a cross contamination issue?

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Rice and salt, maybe with a little gluten-free chicken broth.

When I had stomach upset I used to resort to a few saltines.

But, obviously, not now.

And I've had stomach upset for a long time.

An old Greek woman I knew once swore by saltines and flat ginger ale.

Salt tends to help the stomach, though I can't tell you the reason why.

Hope you feel better very soon!!

I can sympathize, believe me!!


Long history of IBS, and stomach/intestinal problems. Low on iron for all of my life.

Low on energy, with aches and pains in my joints and in my whole body for as long as I can remember.

Mostly lactose intolerant for all of my life (except for yoghurt)

Diagnosed in 2003 by naturapath as wheat intolerant. Tried it then fell of the wagon. In Feb. 2010 tried going gluten-free.

Went back to the poison in March, 2010.

Tested negative for celiac in April, 2010 (based on negative biopsy and normal tTG test). IgA tested 30-40 percent higher than normal.

Not going to fight the diagnosis because I refuse to go back to the poison. Happily gluten-free for health reasons as of April 2010, and not looking back.

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I'm not sure how this would help. I think that most gas is caused by improperly digested food reaching the colon where it is 'digested' by the resident bacteria, whose waste product is gas. An enema would only get rid of what is in there at the moment, it won't help with everything else that gets moved in by the still badly functioning small intestine.

The enema does at least remove much quicker what's in the colon rather than allowing it to work its way out at its own pace, and the enema removes the gas along with it thereby relieving the fart mechanism :blink: at least for a while.

Age 51 and refuse to use the "getting old" excuse

-Gluten free since March 2010

-IgG test (wheat & gluten allergen) March 2010

-Diverticulitis 2004

-Hysterectomy 1998

-Dairy free since 1997

-Cholecystectomy 1997

-Graves disease 1984

"Go beyond where they tell you that you should not go

and you will see what you did not see before."

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Sometimes, seaweed can be "seasoned" with soy sauce, depending on the brand/where they get it. I do not trust sushi places. I LOVE sushi, but I dunno if I'll ever have it again. Wayyyy too paranoid about CC.

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