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Is Gluten-Intolerance Also An Auto-Immune Disorder?

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Is Gluten-Intolerance also considered an auto immune disorder (in addition to Celiac disease)?

I ask because it is referenced as such in this article: http://www.jsonline.com/features/food/92134239.html

Quote: "With autoimmune disorders, which include gluten intolerance and type 1 diabetes (but not allergies), the body attacks itself rather than the invasive substance, causing permanent damage if allowed to continue."

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This author is incorrectly interchanging the terms "gluten intolerance" and "celiac disease". The prevalence figures cited near the end of the article are for celiac disease. The whole article is a bit of a mess, really. They are trying to make the point that eating gluten-free can lead to bad dietary habits in healthy people who are not gluten-sensitive but they do a really poor job of it.

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