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Why Am I Gaining Weight?

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When I was first diagnosed with Celiac disease a year ago I weighed 95 pounds, which sounds low but I am only 5' tall. I was a bit underweight then but not noticeable skinny really..then I gained back to my normal 100-105 range where I feel the most comfortable. I find that I fluctuate a lot between 105-115 and when the scale hits over 115 I get really depressed...and I know I'm not "fat" but I do have a tummy and I still bloat all the time..I don't feel comfortable wearing fitted tops because I'm not used to this body...My breasts increased a cup size in the last two months, and while my pants still fit I do have more of a tummy than I ever have...

I eat pretty well, usually a bowl of cereal or some fruit in the morning, some nuts and fruit and veggies throughout the day (I don't really eat a real lunch, I just graze every few hours) and a stir-fry or something like that for dinner. Sometimes I'll have a Snickers bar for a treat. I do an abdominal workout every night but it seems to have stopped working...I take the stairs instead of the elevator, play soccer with friends, work with horses (lifting bales of hay, carrying heavy buckets, etc as well as training the horses) and I'm still gaining. My boyfriend (who I live with) says I'm crazy but I'm not even comfortable with him seeing me anymore..

I know that 115 isn't a huge amount to weigh but I'm just not used to it, please don't comment back saying that I'm being crazy or it's not a big deal, this is not what I am used to weighing or feeling/looking like and I'd like to get back to how I was.

Any ideas on how to stop this cycle?

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In addition to the answers you'll get here, you might also want to read this thread:

You're not crazy or making too big of a deal out of how you feel. You're right to care about feeling as comfortable as you can.

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