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Hi all-

I'm probably no longer a "young adult" but am probably going to be moving back into a roommate situation (shared house or apartment) at some point late summer or early fall. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to do an effective roommate search and approach the whole gluten free issue?

How do you set up a kitchen situation that works and not end up being a kitchen Nazi? How do you convince people they should live with you?


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I actually just had to deal with this for the return to the school in September. The girl I chose to live with has a peanut allergy so I won't have to worry about being a "kitchen nazi". My best advice would be to say allergy friendly in your add. But don't feel the need to promote your specific requests until you are actually communicating with or even meeting with these possible roommates. Just make it clear how serious their cooperation is to you and your health. If they are a good potential roommate, they will be fully understanding.

Good Luck smile.gif

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