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Mycosis Fungoides

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Mycosis Fungoides is a very rare skin cancer. I was dx about 18 months ago and I am doing well with a special cream my Dr scripted for me. I just got my celiac disease dx. Since there is a link with celiac disease and cancer I wonder if that is why I got it.

T cell lymphoma of the skin

T cell lymphoma of the skin is the most common type of primary cutaneous lymphoma or skin lymphoma. It is also sometimes called mycosis fungoides. It is a type of cancer that starts mostly or entirely in the skin. It occurs when the white blood cells that protect us from infections (called lymphocytes) start to grow uncontrollably within the skin. In the beginning it often looks similar to psoriasis or eczema, and then it gradually becomes thicker. The cause is not known. The condition has a variety of treatments, and can usually be controlled.

It effects the chest, back, lower stomach, upper legs and groin area. The local dermatologist had never seen it before. The biopsy was a surprise to all of us.

I went to Fox Chase Cancer center in Philly and saw a speciality who only treats skin cancers. After applying a series of creams it goes dormant. But does recur or flare up which requires to start up the skin cream.

Again none of the Dr. thought of a celiac disease blood test.


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