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Is This One Saliva Test Sufficient To Diagnose?

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I am new here and have been reading so many posts, such great info! I really have learned quite a bit in a short time, thanks (still have a long way to go though!).

Now for my questions........recently, I took a mail in test to see if I am gluten sensitive (I have so many of the symptoms for sensitivity), the test was:

Gliadin Ab, SIgA (Saliva) test.

The result was positive, 30 (with borderline being 13-15 U/ml and positive: >15 U/ml).

I will add that I recently had a skin prick allergy test that showed mild-mod reaction to soy and corn..........could this be affecting the results of the Iga test (cross reactive food)?

My question is......should I do further testing or are these results indicative of being gluten sensitive? I am torn with what to do as I don't have a doc yet (what type of doc is recommended if that is the best approach?) and am not sure how much of a 'hassle' it is to get the further testing done when I think the result will be not celiac disease but gluten intolerance and am worried about resistance from a doc to perform the testing when its not celiac disease (either result is the same, go gluten free), but I am not sure the best next step.

Any suggestions are welcome as this is so unfamiliar and tough to know how to navigate.


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